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Some people don´t need a map to find each other.

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Abril 22 es el Día de la Tierra, pero en el Norte de mi país la gente cree en la  Pachamama, Pachamama, significa Madre Tierra, es una creencia proveniente de los antiguos Incas, y todos los años, el 1 de Agosto, las personas hacen un hoyo en la tierra y arrojan adentro, vino o alguna bebida alcoholica, alimentos, maiz, trigo, hojas de coca, a modo de ofrenda para que el próximo año la cosecha sea buena y  haya buen clima sin desastres naturales. El 1 de Agosto es un día de fiesta.
Pero la Tierra necesita amor…Yo pienso que el próximo 1 de Agosto haré un hoyo y   arrojaré adentro algunos corazones...

April 22 is Earth Day, but in the North of my country people believe in The Pachamama, Pachamama, means Mother Earth, is a belief coming from the ancient Incas, and every year, on August 1, people make a hole in the ground and throw into, wine or some alcoholic beverage, food, corn, wheat, coca leaves, as an offering so that next year the harvest is good and there is good weather without natural disasters. August 1st is a holiday.
But Earth needs love ... I think that next August 1 I will dig a hole and throw in some hearts.

The host this week is Melody. I am sorry for my late participation on this Challenge, if you want to see more click here: Earth Day

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¿No crees que debajo de tu paraguas ocurre algo extraño?

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The Earth has its tropics, very hot, we all know. 
I also have a tropical zone in my body...
Hey, girls! Do not think wrong!
My head boils like the equator  when I have a work commissioned! 
In what other area of my body were you thinking about? :)

This week our host is Arianne. If you want to see more Tropics you know where you have to go :)