sábado, 23 de mayo de 2015

FRIDA (Drawing Challenge)

Frida painted with scars

This week our host is Patrice A. if you want to see all the Fridas look here please : FRIDA

lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

STARS Drawing Challenge

And this week I'm late again with DC. I want to apologize, Veronica, and all other participants. It is not easy for me these days have some free time to have fun with you, but I will not quit, though, I show my work a few days later.

I was looking for a four-leaf clover
and I found a star
I realized that both are the same.
heaven and earth in you
In my bare feet
and my eyes staring at the night sky.
fresh and warmth
day and night
North and South
sunrise and sunset
hot coal and iceberg
sweet and salty
Clover and Star.

This week the host is Veronica. look Here Stars, please, if you want to see the other wonderful works.

martes, 28 de abril de 2015

Drawing Challenge: COAT

I must apologize, Patrice A, for my delay in making my participation in this DC to which she invited me. But really, I was short on time. Though, I wrote this text on Friday, I had no time to draw something about it until today.


You told me: Roberto, what do I do with this old  yours coat?
I give it  someone ?
I throw it away?

No, my love, in this old coat, there are hundreds of shared moments with you.
In one pocket it's the money that I did not have when we go through difficult times.
In another pocket,  was the handkerchief which I dried your tears when you were sad.
On their sleeves, it's the tenderness of your arms when you grabbed my arm to cross a street.
On his shoulders the scent of your hair.
On his back the fragrance of the grass when we lay looking at the stars.

And throughout its texture, the smell of wood, voices, singing of birds, the sound of the waves, crickets, wind among the pines, the sound of water of the river, and the winter sun...
Do not throw it, do not give it away, that would be like putting within oblivion one part of my life

This week the  host is Patrice A. go there to see all the wonderful artist playing this game!

domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

KEY (Drawing Challenge)

Yo traté de quitar de mi cabeza, el concepto llave, quiero decir, llave, como algo metálico que abre una puerta.
Qué otra cosa puede ser una llave?...
Tu sonrisa, abre mi alegría
Tus ojos, abren mi cielo
Tu voz, abre mi serenidad
Tu tristeza, abre mi deseo de abrazarte
Tu cuerpo, abre las puertas del Universo.
Estas no son llaves?

I tried to remove from my head the "key concept",  I mean, key, as something metal that open a door.
What else can be a key?...
Your smile, open my joy
Your eyes, open my heaven
Your voice, open my serenity
Your sadness, open my desire to hug you
Your body, opens the doors of the Universe.
Are this not keys?

The host this week is Verónica. If you want to see more keys, look HERE  :)