sábado, 18 de febrero de 2017


The Earth has its tropics, very hot, we all know. 
I also have a tropical zone in my body...
Hey, girls! Do not think wrong!
My head boils like the equator  when I have a work commissioned! 
In what other area of my body were you thinking about? :)

This week our host is Arianne. If you want to see more Tropics you know where you have to go :)

10 comentarios:

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

...I was thinking of your heart:-)
x Stefanie

Tammie Lee dijo...

So your head over boils..... ah, pressure.
Fun illustration of what you experience.

You are right, where i live is nothing like the tropics..... so it was fun to consider.

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

me too, I was thinking of your heart, Roberto...

Lovely illustration of your tropics!

Love, Ariane. Rose

Carole Reid dijo...

You tease! You joker! Always fun to see what you're up to.
Maybe a cool clothe applied to the forehead would.

pieterbie dijo...

So this work is a kind of self portrait/drawing then, I guess.
Really like it, makes me smile.

Veronica Roth dijo...

Ha ha ha, I suppose so! Sounds familiar to me; that hot head rush when you think you might be running behind a deadline. Drink lots of water. Lovely self portrait my dear Roberto. :D

rossichka dijo...

He-he, although smashed by the deadlines, you haven't lost your sense of humour! I like the illustration, besides it concerns me for I'm in a similar situation!:))) Xx

hedwig dijo...

Hmmm, my mom always said: Keep your head cool and your feet warm. But that is the advice for people who live in a cold country. Where you live, you walk on slippers, I suppose, or bare feet. Tropical hot bare feet, that was what I was thinking of :)

nadine paduart dijo...

you don't half lead us on, roberto!
good egg, cool head then...! ;)))

nadine paduart dijo...

hi there, roberto!
we made it. here's our new AC theme. feel free to come out and play with us, over the weekend of march, 18-19.