miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2017


My friend Rossichka said: "Nice idea for a fairy tale"... my other friend Hedwig, almost writes a story in her comment about a man-tree or a tree-man. These two friends were inspiring, I wrote something and did an illustration, which I show you here. My other friend Stefanie asked to see this in a  film ... Stefanie, I owe you.

Había una vez, un hombre árbol,  pero nadie se daba cuenta porque durante el día él era un árbol... pero durante la noche, aunque seguía manteniendo su forma arbórea, él era un hombre, Todas las aves venían a descansar en sus ramas (sus brazos...)  aves de todo el mundo. 
Pero un día el  hombre árbol se murió. Murió de risa. ¿Saben por qué? Porque un pájaro carpintero vino a hacer su nido ... y tanto picó y picó en su panza (el tronco del árbol) que el hombre árbol comenzó a reír por las cosquillas. Y no pudo parar hasta morir, pero también murió llorando...por los pájaros que ya no tendrían un lugar dónde descansar por la noche.
(Alguien dijo: Es por eso que los nidos de los pájaros carpinteros están siempre en árboles secos, los árboles mueren para que los pájaros vivan)

Once upon a time  a man tree, but no one noticed it because during the day he was a tree ... but during the night, though he kept his tree shape, he was a man, All birds came to rest on his branches (his arms ...) birds from all over the world.
But one day the man tree died. He died laughing. Do you know why? Because a woodpecker came to make a nest ... and this bird struck and struck so many times with his beak on the tree´s  belly (the trunk of the tree) until the man tree  began to laugh by the tickles. And he could not stop until he died, but he also died crying ... for the birds that would no longer have a place to rest at night.
(Someone said: That's why the woodpecker nests are always in dry trees, some trees die so the birds can live.

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hedwig dijo...

Hola, amigo! What a sad story. But it explains why el pajaro carpentero hammers so hard. He wants a dead tree to make a nest. It makes me see those birds with new eyes, but I very much like his name: carpenter bird. It is a story with 2 sides: divertido y triste.
I like the image very much: A mysterious night atmosphere, with all the birds and the moon sleeping, but el hombre looks at the stars and smiles.

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

Hedwig said it all.
You say, you owe me, I guess I like that;-)
x Stefanie

rossichka dijo...

What a deep story! It has several layers in it, I read it three times and I was impressed by different things (images and ideas). Just like Hedwig I find it sad, but I try to imagine what it was like when the man-tree was young. It's not fair to die in such a way.. Maybe another one of the kind will appear?
I like the drawing, Roberto - it's so calm and happy!

roberto M. dijo...

I do not see this story as sad. I tend to think more about the future than about the past. The chicks of the woodpecker are born on a dead tree. And in the years to come other pigeons will be born. Anyway the tree will dry up.