viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2016

TIDE (Art Challenge)

Sueño o realidad? 

Me quedé dormido en una playa y la marea vino repentinamente.
Debajo del agua comencé a respirar como un pez...
Luché contra pulpos y monstruos marinos.
Una enorme medusa me envolvió en su gelatinosa masa.
Pero una sirena con cabello de algas me salvó.
Ella me preguntó: ¿Quién eres tú?
-Yo soy un soñador, imagino mundos. Dije yo.
-¿Puedes  imaginar a una sirena con cabello de algas?  Me preguntó.
-Obvio, -Respondí- Eso es fácil.
Entonces ella desapareció como remolino de burbujas,  y yo desperté sobre la arena cuando la marea bajó.

Dream or reality?

I fell asleep on a beach and the tide came suddenly.
Under water I began to breathe like a fish...
I fought against octopus and sea monsters.
A huge jellyfish wrapped me in his gelatinous mass. 
But a mermaid with seaweed hair rescued me.
She asked: Who are you?
-I'm a dreamer, I imagine worlds. I said,
-Can you imagine a mermaid with seaweed hair? She asked.
-Obviously, -I said-, That's easy.
Then she disappeared like swirling bubbles, and I woke up on the sand when the tide went down.

This week the host is Ariane, if you want to see more look here please: ROSE

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Unknown dijo...

Hey Roberto! I'm reading a book right now by A.S. Byatt called "Ragnarok: The End of the Gods". It's a novel, but based on Nordic Myths. When I read this story in this post, it reminded me of a section in the book I am reading. Then I went to your previous post and it seems there is a thread of feeling in your posts. Anyway, I'm just sharing a bit of the writing: The lakes were made from his sweat, and the trees from his curling hair. Inside the high cavern of his skull, his brains became the rolling clouds. The stars were perhaps wandering sparks from Muspelheim which the gods trapped and fixed under the skull bone. Or maybe they were lights above the bone, glimpsed through slits...[Byatt is talking about how the world was made from a dead giant.] But the world inside the skull bone speaks to me as I read your posts. Have a nice season change down there. We are starting the have fall now. The leaves are dropping from the trees like crazy. Okay bye for now, love N,x

hedwig dijo...

Thank god, you were saved!

pieterbie dijo...

Being rescued by a mermaid: things could really turn out less fortunate.

manu' dijo...


Veronica Roth dijo...

I love the story Roberto! I always enjoy clicking over to visit you. Lucky you weren't drowned, you know. Mermaids do that sort of thing. ;D The other day I saw a young girl with long green-blue hair. I thought she looked a little like a lost mermaid in the city.

nadine paduart dijo...

your magic realism is happy, as always. a light touch to the dreamer. love the magic! n♥

Carole Reid dijo...

Great surprise to see your version of the theme! As always, you bring a smile and a chuckle.
Happy week to you.

CERULEAN dijo...

Always a pleasure to see your interpretation, and good for a smile! - eric

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

What a nice visit of the mermaid! or was it a dream? or not, dear Roberto? It feels so real. Your words and your nice drawing/painting!

Thank you!
(my little nearly 12-year-old mermaid with the bright reddish hair {like your daughter's} drove with her classmates to the sea, hours ago. She's a dreamer, too)

annton dijo...

I am in love. What a magical aproach.

Susanna Redeker dijo...

dream and reality....they are very close together!

tanïa dijo...

It seems we are dreaming about similar subjects...haha. So of course, I love your approach and drawing! I'm a huge mermaid fan.

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

a box with sardines, a fish conserve...
would be nice illustraded with your lovely drawing
and what a surprice to find a mermaid inside
and a tiny Roberto perhaps?
x Stefanie