viernes, 19 de febrero de 2016

COCOON (Drawing Challenge)

De alguna manera, todos estamos en un capullo del que nace una mariposa.
Somehow all we are into a cocoon from which a butterfly is born.

This week the host is: Patrice A. if you want to see more cocoons please take a look HERE.

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Stefanie Seltner dijo...

great big hug and kiss!
What else could I say concerning to you and your post:-)
x Stefanie

Patrice A. dijo...

thank you Roberto
for this heartwarming drawing
i always see myself alone in my cocoon
but your drawing shows how nice it can be
with two ;^))

thank you for joining and sharing
and a big hug!

hedwig dijo...

So... this is where the butterflies-in-the-belly-from-falling-in-love come from! These cocoons remind me of a heart. A real human heart, I mean, because of the color and shape. But also they ressemble lungs and in my imagination I feel them pumping beating breathing vibrating and then poofff... hearts fly out of the cocoons as kisses and symbols of new born love! That is beautiful!!!
I like how you put the delicately drawn figures in their pods of thick, fleshy tissue. It really gives the idea of looking into an egg that is about to pop.

Unknown dijo...

Yes! Two in a cocoon. I never think of that either. But you, dear Roberto, show us. Thank you for showing us...for reminding us. Love these colours of the background. *hugs* Norma, x

nadine paduart dijo...

your entry actually prompted me to go look into "cocoon" on youtube. and what do you know? this björk song might be fascinating! n♥

Veronica Roth dijo...

That's a lovely thought. Love, the butterfly which emerges from the cocoon of two. Love it. :D

Tammie Lee dijo...

entirely charming and lovely ~

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Beautiful butterfly, dear Roberto,
great drawing, heart-warming and with many levels. The cocoons could be even kidneys which represents in the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the root of life. I find in your beautiful drawing a kind of yin and yang, too.
And: may I please invite you to the next drawing challenge?
It is: Metamorphosis

Love, Ariane (Rose)

Mariangela Licciardello dijo...

siempre originali e unici

CERULEAN dijo...

The ultimate valentine cocoon: two love lungs! - eric

rossichka dijo...

A butterfly, called love!...
I like you used pastels!