domingo, 16 de agosto de 2015

IMAGE, Drawing Challenge

Imágenes de un sueño vienen a mí recurrentemente,
Tan a menudo que ahora no sé si es un sueño o si es realidad,
si es fantasía, o es realidad...
Y no me interesa, 
Porque la imagen del sueño  es tan real para mi.

Images of a dream, comes to me recurrently,
So often that now I do not know if it's a dream or is reality,
if it is fantasy or reality ...
And I do not care,
Because the dream image is so real to me.

El anfitrión del DC. esta semana es TinyWOOLF.
The host this week is TinyWOOLF.

10 comentarios:

Carole Reid dijo...

You dream inspiration, Roberto! And now you have passed the image on to us. Thank you.

Tammie Lee dijo...

dreams they do that, they leave us with images
such a wonderful painting leave me with a strong image

Norma Conway dijo...

Hi Roberto! I like the square graphic images at top and bottom. Your painting has a lot to look at and the flowing lines make the eye easily travel around. Oh what dreams are these they are having. Floating on clouds of love. *smiles to you* Norma, x

Patrice A. dijo...

such a nice image
about dreams and imagination
and as always i love your words
that comes with the art

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I love that kind of dreams, they stay with you a long time. Sometimes dream feels even more real than reality.
This work feels so calm, like good night's dream. But with some interesting twists.

Carla dijo...

The gentle watercolour with line - I love these together! And the long-legged sleeping people...I wish my dreams were as calm as this :)

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

when dream, reality and various fictitious moments coincide, and we do not always know what is true, and what is not, we simply have to smile upon that. what with the high dosage of images of all kinds... we tend to lose the plot a little. luckily we then create the doubt out of it... ;))) thxs for playing, roberto! n♥

hedwig dijo...

First: what a beautiful imagen!!!!! Sleepers softly floating in the cloud of dream. mmmmmmmmm
Second: Your work is (again) full of opposites. Closed eyes and open eyes. Soft round clouds surrounded by rectangles. Connected by flowing forms of rope and hair and by the hard staircase. I suppose that is realidad contra sueno.
And: I love the details. Her hand throught the cloud, he holding the rope that is loosely around her feet, her hair touching his shoulder and the words that accompagny them.

Sharmon Davidson dijo...

Your dream image seems quite magical to me, Roberto. Like many dreams, I can't say what it means, but it pleases the eye and makes one think.

rossichka dijo...

They are together even while dreaming! Maybe they have similar dreams? So calm they look , lying on these soft clouds=pillows. I like the special dream staicase and the dreams, crossing it in both directions. Your drawings always provoke reflections upon the major Life themes, Roberto! I am afraid I don't do that in everyday life...