lunes, 3 de agosto de 2015


Yo crecí, y ahora envejecí. 
Tengo todo ese tiempo en mi bolsillo tomado con mi mano izquierda, y como un chico que tiene su bolsillo lleno de caramelos, te digo: querés compartir un poco conmigo? Tengo mi bolsillo lleno de tiempo. Y vos me decís: Por supuesto, también yo tengo mi bolsillo lleno de caramelos para compartir con vos.
Envejecer nos dió tiempo, y tiempo no es pasado ni presente ni futuro. No es bueno, no es malo, no es divertido, no es triste, no es palabras, no es silencio, no es disgusto, no es borrachera, no es locura, no es cordura, no es dolor, no es salud, no es enfermedad.  
Tiempo es algo que yo tengo en mi bolsillo para compartir con tigo.

I grew up, and now I grown old.
I have all the time in my pocket grabbed with my left hand, and as a child with his pocket full of candy, I say: Do you want to share some with me? I have my pocket full of time. And you say: Of course, also I have my pocket full of candy to share with you.
To grow old gave us time, and time is not past or present or future. Is not good, not bad, is not fun, is not sad, not words, not silence, not upset, not drunk, is not madness, is not sane, not pain, is not health, is not disease .
Time is something that I have in my pocket to share with you.

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hedwig dijo...

When you grow old you have less time. Less time to life, to be on this earth. But! you have grown pockets full of time! What a wonderful way to look at old age! No more hurry, time to share.
Your painting is full of 'schwung' and full of silence. Symbols flying around but stillness in the center. I empty my glass and say: Buen dia to you!
ps that lantern fascinates me! It gives a feeling of safe

rossichka dijo...

Roberto, your words left me speechless this time! I like your philosophy... Time has actually stopped for you, or maybe you have stopped counting it... (the broken clocks). Until a couple is together, the only thing for sure it has to share (except love) is time... in the pockets.:)

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

if only, but i gladly take you up on it though... and if you feel like playing, you can do see HERE. feel very welcome to join! n♥

Allu Antu dijo...

Que hermoso, querido Roberto...
un abrazo