lunes, 4 de mayo de 2015

STARS Drawing Challenge

And this week I'm late again with DC. I want to apologize, Veronica, and all other participants. It is not easy for me these days have some free time to have fun with you, but I will not quit, though, I show my work a few days later.

I was looking for a four-leaf clover
and I found a star
I realized that both are the same.
heaven and earth in you
In my bare feet
and my eyes staring at the night sky.
fresh and warmth
day and night
North and South
sunrise and sunset
hot coal and iceberg
sweet and salty
Clover and Star.

This week the host is Veronica. look Here Stars, please, if you want to see the other wonderful works.

11 comentarios:

hedwig dijo...

A four leave clover brings you luck and a lucky star keeps you safe. If you have both, you are as happy as a sailor on the ocean, no dark clouds in the sky just a steady breeze in the sails. This couple dances in the night with feet lightly touching, she in a magnificent skirt... I just am a little bit worried by that red cross she is pointing at.
As always there is a riddle in your painting. It is very beautiful and sparkling!

Viola dijo...

It gives luck to find a four-leaf clover :) What a fun and lovely drawing!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Love Hedwig's interpretation. And your work Roberto! So many levels to think about, I think there is a complicated story there. But I will concentrate on fashion and look at the flares and long skirt = 70's fashion that is getting trendy again. Is this the young you or have you become a trend-setter?

Barbara Böttcher dijo...

Like your dance with the stars which connects all of us like this lucky couple.
barbara bee

Tammie Lee dijo...

a piece that inspired another look
and wondering
what is that red x, i wonder

renilde dijo...

so many details and (hidden) messages to look at ( i love the touching feet and her hairdo), a lovely playful background and the accompanying poem is perfect again.
thanks for your sweet comment my friend, xx

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

... Hang on, why are they wearing clothes?? ;) I like that red ribbon holding them together as they're dancing across the skies. Lovely :)

Pitu dijo...

¡¡¡¡¡¡Roberto!!!!! Eres un artista. Tras siglos sin aparecer por aqui, sin aparecer tan siquiera por mi blog, visito el tuyo y lo veo evolucinar, progresar, eres un genio.

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

and I see a circle, running against time... very interesting...
x Stefanie

rossichka dijo...

Dear Roberto, you talk about love with a few words, you draw love stories with a few images, but you never repeat yourself! You always touch our souls, put questions and we search for their answers... I like the mystery in this drawing too. The red ribbon symbolizing love is so light!... The red cross is maybe the past?...
Have you thought of making a book with your love poems/drawings? It would be lovely!!x

Pitu dijo...

hola roberto!!! sí, tengo facebook, te he buscado pero no te encuentro. Búscame como Pilar Chauca y ya hablamos por allí.