lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015


Vos estás afuera del agua,
yo adentro del agua,
vos estás adentro del agua,
yo estoy afuera del agua,
pero a los pocos segundos, vos estarás conmigo, yo estaré contigo,
todo cambia.

You  are outside the water,
I am inside the water,
you are inside the water,
I am outside the water,
but in a few seconds, you will be with me, and I will be with you,
everything changes.

2 comentarios:

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

Markers instead of watercolours? I like the lines! Especially that one going through the very middle of the drawing, the water line - it's delicious and powerful in its simplicity. Nice :) :) :)

hedwig dijo...

This looks like a quick sketch. You didn't use watercolor but still you made a very watery image!
Also the movement of the figures add to the impression of waves and water.