lunes, 12 de mayo de 2014


Pero... yo no necesito un viaje,
sólo saber que estás ahí, es, estar donde vos estás,
mirar tus ojos es ver  todos los cielos,
tu voz trae el sonido de todos los mares,
y la distancia no existe cuando decís mi nombre.
Yo no necesito un viaje.

But ... I do not need a voyage,
Just knowing you're there is to be where you are,
watch your eyes is to see all the heavens,
Your voice brings the sound of all the seas,
and distance does not exist when you say my name.
I do not need a voyage.

11 comentarios:

Carolina Grönholm dijo...

Beautiful words and a pretty painting,
I really like her hair!
Have a great week Roberto! :-)

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

I read the poem, it is so nice and full of love... an now I wonder about the drawing: she looks quite sad, resigned...and there is aggressivity in the air...very strange.
have a nice week x Stefanie

rossichka dijo...

I read your words and think that what you say is true. But when I look at the painting with so much dramatism and longing, coded in it, I think that "I do not need a voyage" is like a mantra for you... I feel you have to be rescued.
Excuse me, but what's in that bowl, Roberto?

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

¡Me encantó tu dibujo, Roberto!
La expresión de amargura formada por el vientre y senos combinados es genial...
Abrazos totales.

hedwig dijo...

Roberto, your paintings are always full of symbols, ot at least so it seems. This one is very mysterious. The words a calm statement, the illustration full of movement. But the woman sits very still. She has something to eat and to drink, looks very settled. Perhaps the man was running around looking for something or someone, and now he realises that he can stay put. What he searches, is there where he himself is!
Bye bye XXWW!!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

this gives me a mix of feelings Roberto- the poem is so moving and the piece makes me wonder if she is pushing him away- very intriguing :)

I'm hosting the DC this weekend if you have time :)

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

I agree with previous posters - this piece seems so double-sided; on the one hand there's this utterly beautiful, happy, peaceful poem (that's how you seduced your wife, wasn't it?;) and then there's the drawing ... and I see resignation in her face, tiredness in the way she holds her hand on her knees, the ship seems to be crashing ... she seems to be drawing the globe the man's holding on to (and he seems perfectly happy being controlled!;) Is my subconsciously negative state of mind influencing my view of this painting? Did you always paint your clouds so dark? And the mug behind her - has it been turned over, with holes in the bottom?? Oh how I sometimes wish you'd explain your world to us! :D But then a little mystery in our lives isn't bad either ;) (BTW, learning Japanese isn't as hard as you might think, besides, it's not as if I'm aiming to become a language teacher! I only need enough to get by, the rest will come naturally, it did with my Spanish so why not this too? ;)

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

I agree about the need for something "not completely understood" in art - I myself often chicken out in that detail :( your work often has that both-worlds quality, but this time it was even more so. It's wonderful :)

Tammie Lee dijo...

such a profound and interesting piece
surely personal
the watercolor is fantastic

pauline dijo...

i love this so much Roberto... what i love most about your art is that it ALWAYS makes me think. It's never just a pretty picture - there's so much more to your art. Thank you for this. Wishing you a wonderful day! xx
ps: you are so handsome there, with your camera!

DeniseSCARAMAI dijo...

Me gusta mucho mucho tu hermoso trabajo!
siempre con mucho que decir...
muy bien!

gracias por visitar mi blog
abrazos, vecino!