lunes, 26 de mayo de 2014


He tenido la fortuna de que Ariane me invite a ser el anfitrión de el próximo Drawing Challenge.
Mmmmm... OK. Yo tenía algunas dudas acerca de cómo funciona  DC. (jugué varias veces, como ustedes saben, pero como invitado) luego que Ariane me explicó,  dije sí. 
Hasta, ese momento... todo fácil...
Y ahora, qué tema yo elijo? ... Estaba escuchando música y por ahí oí la palabra Límites, y me dije: Ese es un buen tema...pero, Límites, es algo que tenemos a diario, estamos rodeados de límites, impuestos por otros, o por nosotros mismos, verdad?
Entonces, pensé que mejor tema para el Drawing Challenge, podría ser, Sin Límites. ¿Hasta dónde nosotros nos animamos a traspasar las barreras? ¿Hasta donde nosotros podemos?...
O cuáles son tus límites? 
O todo lo que sugiera  Sin  Límites.
Me gustaría que ustedes se unieran a esta idea. 
El juego está abierto, nada más, dejame un comentario aquí si te gusta participar.

I've been fortunate that Ariane invite me to host next Drawing Challenge. 
Mmmmm ... OK. I had some doubts about how DC works. (I played several times, as you know, but as a guest) after Ariane explained to me, I said yes. 
Until, there... all easy ... 
Now what topic to choose? I was listening  music ... and there I heard the word Limits, and I said: That's a good topic ... but, Limits, is something we have every day, we are surrounded by Limits, imposed by others, or, by ourselves, right? 
So I thought, than better theme for the Drawing Challenge could be, "No Limits". How far we encourage ourselves to break through the barriers? How far we can? ...
Or, what are your limits? 
Or anything that suggests to you, No Limits.
I would like you to join this idea. 
The game is open to all, no more, leave me a comment here if you like to participate.

I forgot to remind you that your No Limits you can upload to your blogs starting next Saturday.

I have no limits, I like to disturb the birds!

(This drawing is only to accompany my invitation, on Saturday I'll see what idea comes to my head)

21 comentarios:

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

ha ha ha... great announcement, roberto! i like the theme already, besides it being terrificly challenging.
i have NO idea either, but i'd like to play. yes, n♥

Tammie Lee dijo...

such a fun painting!

yes, count me in.... let's see how no limits plays in my week and inspires me.

Thank you for being our host!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

great man great theme!
of cause I am in, please!
x Stefanie

mano dijo...

haha, what a great theme!
but I'm so sorry - I'm on holidays. perhaps next time.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Great idea, I love your theme! I want to participate!
I have been traveling (in Finland at the moment), so I have been lazy to post anything (though I do little sketches almost every day but they are too embarrassing to post...)
Love this challenge, thanks for inviting me!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Hello Roberto,
I am in :-)
No Limits...
xo Ariane of Rose

celine schroeder dijo...

yes I am in! what a great drawing Roberto, I love this so much! So much fun, love and joy in it but I wonder if your mouth looks a bit scary ;-))))))

CERULEAN dijo...

Hello Roberto,

What a great theme. I like to participate. Your drawing made me smile:)

Joke Konings dijo...

Great picture!!!!! ha ha
Yes, I'm in

Joke Konings dijo...

Great picture!!!!! ha ha
Yes, I'm in

tanïa dijo...


How could I NOT participate after such an invitation?! :-D
I have to admit I kept staring a while to see if the birds fly by...haha!
Now I'll go and think about my limits. Just to exceed them, of course! I'm in!! ;-)

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Wow, great theme, great picture and I have NO ideas, it would be easier with LIMITS instead, but well lets see what I can make out of it.
barbara bee

Manon Visser dijo...

Lol and the birds stopped me from being disturbed. Love your art and sense of humor :))))

sofam dijo...

Cuanta transgresión en lo suyo , canejo!
Ahora lo quiero ver, cuando como dijo Gardel "La golondrina un día su vuelo detendrá ", no le van a alcanzar las manos pa´ taparse

Carole Reid dijo...

What a fabulous invite Roberto! Sadly, I'm not able to join in the fun this week with so many visitors and so many babies to rock. I'll be back in a few weeks. Have fun!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Roberto, forgot to mention that love your work too, so happy to see your wild & delicate watercolors again :-)

hedwig dijo...

Hey, wild man! Chasing away the geese on the fields is the favourite game of me and my dogs. So, count me in! XXWW!!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

HA! Awesome! I'm in- though yikes now what !!;)

Manon Visser dijo...

The answer to your question is yes I am in. Do I need to post something on Saturday if so I will combine it with Paper Saturdays. It sounds super fun!

Patrice A. dijo...

grand drawing
oh, yes!!!!
i am in!

Patrice A.

Norma Conway dijo...

Your sky is fabulous. I love the middle broken line going up the road to the skyline. That road seems to have no limits that's for sure!
Well I just put something together in 20 minutes to be sure that I actually had something for this challenge, so can I play too? Thanks much, Roberto! With love, Norma