sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

WATER/Drawing Challenge

océanos de agua caen sobre mí,
remolinos de hojas en el silencioso otoño
las nubes rojas de la tarde meciéndose como un mar

océanos de arena que el viento no deja reposar
agua que me ahoga
agua que revive
océanos embravecidos, y mares calmos.

aves marinas sobre el esqueleto de un buque
ningún puerto
ningún muelle
y mi bote hundido en lo profundo

en la playa ya no se ven pisadas de un hombre
el agua siempre traiciona a la arena.

oceans of water fall on me
swirls of leaves in the silent autumn
red evening clouds swaying like a sea

oceans of sand that the wind stops not stand
water that drowns me
water that revive
raging oceans, and seas calm.

seabirds on the skeleton of a ship
no harbor
no dock
and my boat sunk in deep

on the beach, no longer seen footsteps of a man
water always betrays the sand.

Esta semana el host en el DC. es Patrice A. que amablemente me ha invitado a jugar. Puedes ver el resto de los jugadores Aquí :)
This week the host on DC. is Patrice A. who kindly has invited me to play. You can see all other players Here :)

13 comentarios:

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

sobre las tarjetas - el mio todavía no ha llegado :( (Espero que no se ha perdido aquí porque sé que ha habido quejas contra el correo local) y lo de "dibujar la pantalla" - uso un graphics tablet! Creo que sería más fácil si realmente podría dibujar sobre la pantalla ;)

rossichka dijo...

What a poem, what a collage! The truth is that they make me feel a little bit sad... There's something desperate... like a farewell... I like especially the "red evening clouds swaying like a sea" and the water that "always betrays the sand"!!
I like the energy of the picture - you've used a very interesting material, Roberto! Hope you are having a great weekend!:)x

Sue Hutchen Lay dijo...

This piece is extremely appealing to me, and I enjoyed your poem.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

..."water always betrays the sand."
wow! that is a terrific metaphor... i simply love your poem.

hedwig dijo...

Water is treacherous
in case of storm
fuming waves
bottomless depths of darkness
Water is not treacherous
it's peaceful and soothing
healing and warm
washing wounds clean
Water is all
Hurray for the sailor!

ale balanzario dijo...

Roberto, que bella entrada, el poema!, y la ilustracion, que creatividad, cuanta energia y ambiente, me ha encantado, se puede incluso meter uno en ella y ver y sentir todo.
Buen Domingo!!

Veronica Roth dijo...

Nicely done Roberto. The fluidity of the collage and softness of the poem really work well together. Really flow...like water.

celine schroeder dijo...

I love what you wrote and I try to see what you made...somehow I feel like there i more to see but I just can't see it.... maybe it is because of the words: ..."water always betrays the sand." I love that!
And the little birds you made, they are so much fun!

Susan Christensen dijo...

This collage really gets at the sea, Roberto. I always enjoy your poetry. Best wishes, sus

mano dijo...

your collage is so beautiful - I want to sink to your wonderful seascape!
:-) mano

barbarabeesblog dijo...

I should not be surprise that you're surprising me all the time, but you did it again! Love the mix of layers and textures giving depth and a floating feeling and your words are again tempting. Like it a lot!
Yes and thank you after one week feeling a mixture of angriness and frustration it starts to improve again.
Wish you a nice week!
Barbara bee

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Yes that last line- water always betrays the sand- right on!
and your piece is so wonderful full of texture and layers...as I imagine you are in person ;)
Hope you have a wonderful week

Patrice A. dijo...

this piece you made
fits my husband soo well
all he loves is in it
we call him seagull ;^)))
i love the layers, the 3D
and your words
you are so good with words
thank you!!
Patrice A.