sábado, 7 de diciembre de 2013


Alguno debió haber sabido que ella estaba oculta entre la niebla
agazapada como una fiera, no como  cisne,
como caras que aparecen en un sueño,
caras hechas de tenue niebla
ojos de niebla
boca de niebla
cuello de niebla
corazón de niebla,
y no fue un misterio verla sumergida,
verla esperando,
entre la bruma y la superficie del agua,
sintiendo cómo crecía esa difusa sensación
de ver cómo  su forma de mujer se esfumaba,
como ver un cuerpo que se hunde en el agua, lentamente
...hasta desaparecer.
Nunca, los sueños son un misterio
porque siempre estás ahí,
y dos cuellos de cisne, frente a frente, son siempre un corazón,
dos cuellos de cisne bailando cuello a cuello
en un lago de niebla.

Someone must have known she was hidden in the fog
crouched like a beast, not as a swan,
as faces in a dream,
faces made of light fog
fog eyes
fog mouth
fog neck
fog heart,
and was no mystery seeing her submerged,
to see her waiting,
between the mist and the water surface,
feeling how growing up that fuzzy feeling
from seeing how their woman shape vanished,
like watching a body sinks into the water, slowly
...to disappear.
Never dreams are a mystery
because you're always there,
and two swan necks, face to face, are always a heart
two swan necks dancing neck to neck
in a foggy lake.

Stefanie es la anfitriona del DC.
Ella propuso el tema "Swanligths" y a partir de las imágenes de este video y de la letra de la canción, yo escribí y dibujé.
Vean todas las maravillosas inspiraciones aquí.

Stefanie is the host of the DC.
She proposed "Swanligths" and from the pictures in this video and the lyrics, I wrote and drew.
See all the wonderful inspirations here.

20 comentarios:

sofam dijo...

Very complicate for mi comprensión

hedwig dijo...

It's Ophelia...
"...The ruffled water-lilies are sighing around her;
At times she rouses, in a slumbering alder,
Some nest from which escapes a small rustle of wings;
- A mysterious anthem falls from the golden stars..." (Rimbaud) XXWW!!

tanïa dijo...

When I read your words and saw your drawing, another song and video came to my mind...Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue - Where the wild roses grow...which I love very much! Love the strength of the colours you used, too!

alejandra dijo...

Hola Roberto, que bella tu acuarela,
gracias por pasar por mi blog y tu comentario, busque tu e-mail, y no lo encuentro, mil disculpas,
puedes ponerte en contacto conmigo otra vez?
Buen Domingo y un abrazo,

Patrice A. dijo...

your words
your painting
thank you!


k.h.whitaker dijo...

beautiful :)

sofam dijo...

Roberto,Roberto, tu posees una gran imaginación.

Tammie Lee dijo...

entirely beautiful
your dreamy painting
and your poem

thank you ~

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Love the simplicity, love the 'water effect'!

Norma Conway dijo...

Such beauty. Your use of colour. Wow Roberto! Love it, Norma, x

Susan Christensen dijo...

A very beautiful painting, Roberto. I like it that the theme made both of us think of a woman or girl floating in water.
- sus

Lucia dijo...

and tow swan necks ... are always a heart. Yes. Yes.
Thank you.

Cindi dijo...

Light and long-necked like a swan and a creature of water. Marvelous!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

Hey master!
Thank you for participating and wow, your post is strong, you even wrote a poem! your words are full of fascinating images, you always impress me a lot. And you know I like most that in your drawing the swans are just suggested. Great illustration for a great poem, my dear!
have a nice week x Stefanie

barbarabeesblog dijo...

HI Roberto, I agree with Hedwig and tania about Ophelia and the nic cave song and yet it always amazes me how you're able to come up with a poem and this poetic watercolor drawing only be getting presented a theme!
barbara bee

celine schroeder dijo...

so beautiful this one, Roberto! I like the way she moves and that power-red-hair! How it turns blue and the swan-necks not that clearly in the background. Love it, gain.... (thanks for your words on my blog!)

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Such a dreamy image and poem too! mystery and water magic- such a great combo in color too the red and blue hot and cold lovely contrasts!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

hey roberto....
another ophelia-swan...
yes, two swans form a heart, i've always been fascinated by that natural stunt.
of course, our perception plays a role in this, i guess...

your swan woman is so dramatic. and floating. she's gorgeous. ...

i have a mission too!
our new drawing challenge theme is up. we'd love to have you.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Roberto, where were you on 11/12/13 at 14:15? :-D (I was at work....)
Have a nice weekend!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

such a delicate painting, the blue of the water and the blood red of her hair, it's haunting and utterly beautiful ...