domingo, 1 de diciembre de 2013


Quiero decirte algo.
Mirame por favor,
tócame por favor,
acercate a mí,
apretame contra tu cuerpo
dame calor
pensa en mí y no me olvides,
seducime y deseame
caminá junto a mí...
Porque tus ojos tus manos tu voz tu olor tus brazos tu mente tus labios tu sexo tu compañía, no son objetos cotidianos, pero yo los necesito cada dia de mi vida.

I want to tell you something.
Look at me please,
touch me please,
talk to me, 
come closer to me,
squeezes me against your body,
give me warmth,
think of me and remember me,
kiss me,
seduces me and have desire of me,
walk with me...
Because your eyes your hands your voice your smell your arms your lips your mind your sex, your company are not everyday objects, but I need them each day of my life.

Esta semana el host, en el Drawing Challenge es Kristen!, vayan y vean, su blog y  a todos quienes que se divierten con su propuesta.
This week the host, in the Drawing Challenge is Kristen!, Go to your blog and see all those having fun with her proposal.

19 comentarios:

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

yes, a roberto turn on everyday objects. ...
aj, i also like your header though! love the gromit, he's such a character... as are you. ;)))

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Agreed! with Nadine :) sex is an object in many ways- I like to think a "natural" part of everyday- the longing of a true companion, I like your many versions and mixed in with the tools of life- very appropriate
Thanks so much for playing along !

tanïa dijo...

Wow! This isn't quite what I was thinking of when I went for the everyday objects theme...but as I already said to Stefanie (because of her stockings): let's all add some more erotic elements to daily routine for this will probably be much nicer for our eyes! ;o)
I can see it in your picture as well, it would be boring without those female desires in it!

Thank you for coming along and made me smile. Especially the razor-thing...surely it would have been a bit strange if you would draw nail polish or mascara...haha!

Susan Christensen dijo...

A very sexy story, Roberto, and really, true love after all... certainly not ordinary! Always fun to see the direction you take the challenge.

hedwig WW dijo...

I'm thrilled! What a great tribute to love and your beloved. XXWW!!

celine schroeder dijo...

Wow! As so many times before your approach surprised me! I love it! Not objects in the way we all thought of, but in the way of emotions. And I love your little drawings, the have something egypt like ;-) I like the picture when they are at your table!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

oh Roberto, you are so romantic!
those tiny drawings are very very charming.
the place is cool, a working place, that´s everyday object at its best!
may I invite you to the next d.c.? I don´t accept a "no" of cause.
x Stefanie

Carole Reid dijo...

Roberto, I really and truely enjoy having you in our drawing challenge group of friends and artists. You make me smile and nod and laugh! Sex and tools what a combination. Love it. xo Carole

...tatjana... dijo...

thank you so much for your comentario @ my blog :) the dark dwarf and the wristlets are a giveaway for my visitors ... lottery on 11.12. ;o)

love your paperdolls :)

Norma Conway dijo...

Roberto you are one in a million and how lucky we all are to know you and for you to show us your art and show us life in Roberto land. Your paper ladies live strongly in your tool box. I mean they have a strong life and they'd be nothing if it weren't for your giving them love. *smiles* Norma, x

hedwig dijo...

Oh, and your header! Love is in the air...

hedwig dijo...

I can con not stop looking at your daily objects. The girls are marvelous. So elegant and with humor. One woman in so many personality's. What is that thing lying under the pipe wrench? A beautiful little spoon?

Cindy D. dijo...

Beautiful collection of tiny figures! So expressive!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

oh what a romantic you are! :D I can't believe how full of expression every single paper cut of yours is ...
It's that your work space? It's as messy as mine ... although some of those tools are a little heavy for delicate paper figures ... or are we supposed to read something mroe into this scene full of seductive ladies and drilling, sucking, snipping and spooning tools? ;)

Marcela Calderón dijo...

oh...oh...oh... Qué lindor... me encanta esa foto de la mezcla de cosas con las minitas dibujadas. bellezor :)

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Mas desnudas!!!! Hombre!!! Jajaja!!

Anónimo dijo...

es tan mínimo lo que necesitamos para vivir, como bello, lo más bello, cierto?

Julia Marin Jewellery dijo...

me gusta todo estooooooo!!!

Julia Marin Jewellery dijo...

me gusta todo estooooooo!!!