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PATRÓN/PATTERN Drawing Challenge

Yo quiero mostrarles un patrón muy antiguo. En el sur de mi país (Patagonia) provincia de Santa Cruz, hay una cueva con pinturas rupestres, es conocida como "La cueva de las Manos", en la cual, entre otros
dibujos, hay infinidad de manos, (creo que 800) y los estudios científicos, asignan a estas pinturas 9300 años de antigüedad.
Es fácil decir 9300 años, pero si nos detenemos a pensar en que cuando sucedió  toda la historia que conocemos, los Chinos, los Egipcios, Griegos, Roma antigua, los Celtas, los Vikingos, Edad Media, etc, etc... cuando todo eso ocurrió, estas pinturas ya estaban aquí, 9300 años es una cantidad muy importante de años.
Yo siento un gran respeto por esos hombres, y cualquiera haya sido el motivo por el cual ellos pintaron esto, no dejo de pensar que son los antecesores de nosotros como dibujantes, pintores, y por qué no? comunicadores. Bien, también, yo lo veo como un patrón. (estas fotos las tomé de Google)

 I want to show you a very old pattern. In the south of my country (Patagonia) Province of Santa Cruz, there is a cave with  paintings, is known as "the Cave of the Hands", which among other drawings are countless hands, (I think 800) and scientific studies, assigned to these paintings 9300 years old. It's easy to say 9300 years, but if we stop to think about that when it happened all the history we know, the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, ancient Rome, the Celts, the Vikings, Middle Ages, etc, etc, ... when all that happened, these paintings were already here,  9300 years is a very significant amount of years.
I feel a great respect for these men, and whatever may have been the reason why they painted this, I keep thinking that they are the ancestors of us as artists, painters, and why not? communicators. Well, also, I see it as a pattern. (these photos I took from Google)

El anfitrión de esta semana es Bárbara

The host for this week is Barbara

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barbarabeesblog dijo...

Awesome pictures and patterns and I agree with you about the age, but I guess its shoes also a pattern of human that we loke to be creative and paint and draw and cover our walls with wallpaper so to speak and make our homes cosy and we like to communicate with others, ancestors web walls. Great enty, thanks for participating.
Barbara Bee

rossichka dijo...

This is so impressive and beautiful thanks for sharing, Roberto! It's strange, but yesterday I read a post on the same theme - hands, painted in caves, in a Bulgarian blog. There I read that it is supposed those first artists were manily women!!! Here's a list of sites...


Vir Marin dijo...

Siiiii que lindo lugar! espectacular!

Carole Reid dijo...

Hi Roberto. The cave paintings are remarkable. They've survived all these years and still speak to us in 2013. Thanks for reminding us of our creative history. Have a good week.

Tammie Lee dijo...

these are wonderful to consider
the age
the art
the stones
the patterns
thank you for sharing them!

hedwig dijo...

Wow! These old paintings look like modern art. Imagine the fun they had putting their hand on the rock, paint around, lift the hand and look: a hand silhouette! They couldn't stop. I think every one did that as a kid. They made a really beautiful pattern with it. Unbelievable that the ccolors are still there and so bright. In France there ar also cave with paintings, but they are more brownish. XXWW!!

Patrice A. dijo...

it's beautiful!!!!
knowing it's that old
it may as well be from today

thanks for sharing!

Patrice A.

BunTine dijo...

Wow, that's really great ! So old and so impressively, particularly the second picture,
Grüße aus München,

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

The paintings are breath-taking!! But did you know that many (if not the most) of the cave paintings were made by women:

Have a nice Sunday! XXX

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

ancestors for sure, i deeply respect your thoughts pattern.
you live close to patagonia?
now that's a dream!
and your bold header has just awakened me. ;)))

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Hi roberto, thanks again for the IF tip and for your encouring comment. Thank you!
Barbara Bee

mano dijo...

I love cave paintings - and the patagonians are so great!! thank you for sharing!
:-) mano

Dania dijo...

I love those handpatterns! I saw it in a book with my son - so impressive!
nice to meet you!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Yes! Roberto- such wonderful ancient pattern- they really are a wonder to look at- would be amazing to see them in person, and I am always so amazed that the color remains so vibrant :)
Thanks for the reminder- best K

renilde dijo...

so very beautiful, i can't help holding my breath each time i see this kind of cave paintings, many questions too, imagination is triggered.
thanks for showing Roberto, i don't remember ever seeing those hands, i'm amazed, xx

Claire Wildish dijo...

The cave paintings are AMAZING!! So much story and history. I have visited sites like this painted by indigenous Australians near to where we live and I would send you pictures but we are not allowed to take photos I am sorry. I LOVE your new header too, it is making me smile!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

This is making me feel like painting my own hand-pattern! I'm afraid that if I were to see that wall with my own eyes, I wouldn't be able to keep myself from placing my own hand against theirs ... ;) 9300 years ... and it's as if we could touch them, it really is amazing.
Awesome header btw! :D

Jitka dijo...

Hi Roberto,
thank you so much for this post! You know, I love Cueva de las Manos very much. :)http://jitkazajickova.blogspot.cz/2013/08/powersila.html

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Wow...que interesante...no has pintado tu mano tambien...hay uno que es muy parecido tuyo!!!jajaj!

hedwig dijo...

So the wolf is called Ignatz!

hedwig dijo...

Very funny fierce mouse!!!

tanïa dijo...

Wow. That IS impressive! Same with me, if I start thinking of such an amount of ages, I'm awestruck at once! Love the pattern of hands. And I'm curious what those people did that for. What a pity there's no possibility to ask them anymore! Only speculation remains.

Carolina Grönholm dijo...

That hand pattern is so beautiful! Someday I will go to Patagonia and I will see this, thanks for the inspiration Roberto!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

totally exciting, I love those pictures!
it´s always a big inspiration for an artist, I think we all have those patterns inside of us.
x Stefanie

ale balanzario dijo...

Hola Roberto, que bella entrada en tu blog, siempre tan interesantes las pinturas rupestres, y cuanto dicen estas que nos muestras aqui, con sus manos, dejaron huella para siempre,
Me encanto tu visita a mi blog y tu comentario, por supuesto que me anoto a tu idea!! cuenta conmigo,
ya me avisaras que tengo que hacer,
mientras tanto, dime si quieres ser mi amigo por correspondencia, para que te envie un sobre con alguna ilustraci[on,
Que bien, nuestros sobres viajaran de punta a punta en este continente, tan bello!!

Lisa Graham Art dijo...

I am in awe of this type of ancient art too. Love this post Roberto. In California there are Petroglyphs and not too long ago someone actually stole part of it!!! They are beautiful and have always been open to the public...until now. Here is a link to the google images of them.


rossichka dijo...

Hello, Roberto! Just came to tell you that I'm wondering what's going on with you - you've been silent lately! Hope, this is just a "normal" pause and everything's O.K.!
I'm sending you the splendour of our warm, golden autumn!:)xx

pauline dijo...

YES!! We are one and the same... communicators, above all. i love these cave paintings Roberto. It must be amazing to see this in person. Thank you for sharing! Peace to you, my friend. xox