viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013


En su naturaleza no estaba la bondad.
¿Se podría decir que ella era mala, como una serpiente?
¿Se podría decir que ella era buena como el agua?
la serpiente no es mala y el agua no es buena...
y ella sólo es.

Ella podía ser sol acariciándote, o quemándote
viento esparciendo las semillas, o destruyendo hogares;
agua, apagando tu sed, o agua, hundiendo un barco.

Vos podías verla en la niebla matinal,
ocultando las formas,
insinuando bellezas.
Vos podías verla  como pesadilla en tu mente,
desesperando tu sueño,
intimidando tu descanso.
Tan natural como la naturaleza,
o tan natural como vos.

In her nature was not goodness.
Could you say that she was bad like a snake?
Could you say that she was good as water?
the snake is not bad and the water is not good ...
and she just is.

She could be sun caressing you, or burning you
wind spreading the seeds, or destroying homes;
water quenching your thirst, or water sinking a ship.

You could see her in the morning mist,
hiding shapes,
implying beauties.
You could see her as a nightmare in your mind,
despairing your dream,
intimidating your rest.

As natural as nature
or as natural as you.

El anfitrión de esta semana en DC es Nadine, y la palabra elegida es Nature. Esto es lo que yo pude hacer, pero para ver a gente realmente inspirada vayan aquí por favor. gracias.
The host of this week in DC is Nadine, and the word choice is Nature. This is what I could do, but to see people really inspired please go here. Thank you.

22 comentarios:

fados do lar dijo...

muy bonita esta imagen.

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

Don´t make yourself so small - you´re fishing for compliments right?!
Ok you´re a talented poet and yes, you´re drawings are not to bad, too, in this case I love the green color of her. though she looks "grün vor Neid".
don´t you mind and have a nice weekend, ok?
x Stefanie

Patrice A. dijo...

everytime you have me with your words
and than the subtle drawing
i like it, it is still 'open'
not quit as finished
and the green, i love the green

have a fine weekend!
Patrice A.

celine schroeder dijo...

Oh you are inspired! I can tell you that! And if you don't feel that way: you do inspire others!!! Everytime your words catch me, they are so true, no good-no bad.... And the drawing is just so beautiful! I really like that background!!

Nancy dijo...

Did she just cut hid head off with her bare hands?! ;) Very sweet with its soft colours - until you see the head - very good! :D Reminds me of those old folk tale nymphs who'd either help you or swallow you whole ... btw, thanks for the heads up about IF! I checked the blog a little late today and came upon your frantic comments and thought "well, he's just his usual crazy self" ;)hehe, but I really didn't understand what you were talking about till I actually followed your advice and went over to IF! Well, I took a screen shot and I'll be posting that later on - it's not every day one ends up on the front page! :D

Tammie Lee dijo...

such an interesting painting and words
a mix of the many facets of our world

a post that inspires thoughtful consideration

Malena dijo...

No sé si elegir el texto o la ilustración.
Me quedo con todo.
Al fin y al cabo, uno no es sin el otro.

PD: Te extrañaba, sabés?

tanïa dijo...

I always love your combination of words and drawing! Illustrated thoughts of a far-away-mind (in a quite literal distance sense). Beautiful evil woman, that twists and rips his head off...yes, that's what women are, angel and devil in one person. But I can assure you that men are equal. At least those I met. ;o)

k.h.whitaker dijo...

well my first thought was beautiful then I realized she had decapitated him, now I'm thinking "hmmmm" wonder why she took his head... the colors are beautiful though ;)

Kim Henkel dijo...

What an intriguing story you tell - with both words and image! Wonderfully done. I enjoyed my visit.
You asked via a comment on my blog how big a creation I made was, and I wanted to let you know that the image is about 14.5 X 9.5 cms. Thanks for your lovely comment.

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

i think indeed there is a bit of a legend going strong here, but i must admit, i hadn't noticed mister actually 'lost' his head by lady's touch... ;)))
heavy with symbolism, always surprising, you.
bakground is stunning, the colour palette to die for. ...
thxs for playing, roberto.

Carole Reid dijo...

Roberto, you always surprise us! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and visions. Happy week to you.

Susan Christensen dijo...

Fascinating tale you tell us, with both words and image, Roberto. I agree with the other commentators, your colors this time are wonderful. -sus

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Roberto this post is absolutely stunning and awesome, your words and illustration going hand in hand and capturing every aspect of life from the finest and beauty to the wild and brutal which is indeed a full strike. Admiring and inspiring and your color palette is delicate too.
Love it all!
And please feel invited to the next dc at my place/blog - looking forward to your input!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Wow!! Que buen trabajo Hombre!!!! Me gust la imagen de cabeza (lapiz) muchissimo tambien!!! Buena semana a vosotros!!!

hedwig dijo...

How true, your words and painting! It's hard, but also comforting to know that nature is life and life is a circle. Death is a new beginning. Blood will blossom. XXWW!!

Citlalli Cuevas dijo...

Hola Roberto, un placer llegar hasta tu blog y no puedo decirte que vos sos muy modesto ya que tu dibujo es encantandor, me encantan los colores que ocupaste y el texto captura la naturaleza en un todo.

Que tengas linda semana!

renilde dijo...

gorgeous colors, i could live in those and never get bored(i think), colors of 4 seasons.
and the poem, yes you're so right, one can find all natures charactiristics in human behaviour and character too.
your work again has that sweet ironic disguise which i like so much,

nice to be back, missed you too, x

Kristen Donegan dijo...

wonderfully told Roberto! it's all in the point of view we have- good and bad are just words we've created nature is us and we are speak of the perfection in an imperfect world and your illustration captures that tension :)

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Yes, we are all natural :-)

Wow, Roberto, you have been so productive! I just take a week off from the internet and meanwhile you produce pages of exciting content...

Norma Conway dijo...

Oh her green hair! Oh! Oh! Oh! With the red stained lips and the red flower petals staining his neck it is a dance of mystery. Such powerful mystery. I could look at this painting maybe forever. Norma, xo

Cindi dijo...

Green seems to be a very anchoring color for you. I like the energy and color of the background, her dress, and even the red blood stain. But I especially like "the snake is not bad and the water is not good". Because that is nature.