domingo, 9 de junio de 2013


Hace algún tiempo, una mujer, amiga, adulta, me dijo:  A veces tú tienes un chico adentro tuyo. Y yo le  pregunté: Y vos, no?.  Oh. sí dijo ella.... Ah... entonces vos sos  afortunada, dije yo.
Muchas personas, al crecer, pierden al chico dentro de ellos, es triste.
No perdamos al chico dentro nuestro, para reir, para hablar tonterías, para creer como chicos, para crear como chicos, para sentir como chicos, para aprender como un chico, para sorprendernos ante algo, como un chico, como si todo lo que vemos fuese la primera vez que lo vemos, para creer simplemente en lo que vemos, como un chico.
Para decir a todos, como un chico, Yo te quiero.
Vos tenés a un chico dentro tuyo?

 Some time ago, a woman, friend, adult, said to me: Sometimes you have a child inside you. And I asked her: And you, not?  Oh. yes,  she said... Ah ... then you are lucky, I said.
Many people, as they grow, they lose the child inside of them, it is sad.
Do not lose the child inside us, to laugh, to talk nonsense, to believe as children, to create as children, to feel as children, to learn as a child, to marvel at something, like a child, as if all we see was the first time we see, to simply believe what we see, as a child.
To tell everyone, as a child,  I love you.
Do you have a child inside you?

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celine schroeder dijo...

Yes I do! hihi, and I think it is very important that you do not loose it I think. and I think you noticed it in people if they have no child inside...makes me sad. Your drawing made me smile, funny how you did draw it, like it! very playfull;-)

hedwig dijo...

Very funny and fantastic idea! You show in this drawing that everyone has a child inside. That's our beginning from where we grow, it will be with us all our lifes. But... some people can't connect with their inner child, can't find it and that's sad indeed. For a long time I was ashamed to show the child inside me, thought it was silly, people would laugh and reject me. But... luckily I came to my senses and now I feel more free and happy then before.
One other thing: the background is very interesting too. You should all enlarge it and see the laughing, floating cabbage children playing around. XXWW

sofam dijo...

De verdad no lo se, pero como llaman nene, tal vez algo de niño en algún rincón me quede

Nancy dijo...

I really like that you made the child's head larger than the adult's! And, yup, the cabbage children running around in the background ... they tell me something, but I'm not quite sure yet ... your drawings always make me think! :D
Actually, I do have my inner child with me, problem is, she never really grew up so I'm still as selfcentered and talkative and wondering about every little unimportant detail about everything all the time ... it's kinda cute when you're a child, not so much anymore ;) Though I do miss that era of discovering the world and feeling new. Those moments do come around still, but not as often. ... hmmm, this post has inspired me to post something of my own, we'll see if it makes it all the way to the blog! ;)

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhjajaajajaj... ¡¡Genialísimo!! Cómo me gusta ésto. Genial la mezcla de trazos y las desnudeces de ambos, literal y metafóricamente hablando. Felicitaciones, Ro... para vos y para tu niño interno :)

Kristen Donegan dijo...

YES! so wonderful to keep the child inside us alive and well! Roberto :)
Thank you for the reminder and enjoying your drawing too so full of life and wonder :)
Happy weekend !

DeniseSCARAMAI dijo...

sí, definitivamente sí!
Siempre he creído que somos el mismo niño, sólo cambió nuestros envases. Creo que nuestra configuración pura y original, está en el alma!
Me gustó mucho esta ilustración;
es bueno pensar en eso!!

renilde dijo...

yes me too :)
great happy background, if one can call it that, no, better... great happy wonderful work, xx

Nancy dijo...

hallo... about the profile pic changing - I'm hoping to change every day! I'm onto day three now, let's see how long I can keep this going ... I absolutely love how you change your banner/background so often! I've thought many times about doing that myself but the banner needs to be in the right format and the right size and it's too much work, but then sudeenly I remembered the profile pic! I just changed the size of it a bit so that you can see something more than a blur in a corner ;)

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Jajaja...Si lo tengo dentro como lo sabes? Excellente trabajo y buen pensamiento...perfecto Hombre!!!!!

Claire Wildish dijo...

Oh Yes! I have one!! This is a wondering drawing Roberto with great sentiment...I love it!! Crazy and fun and childlike!! I would like to come and dance is this picture!! (I will put your picture in the mail plane on Tuesday when it comes!)

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

Hey child, I love you!
This drawing is so interesting, I sit here and wonder and look at all the details, the person in the middle, it´s a man with an egg, is it? Makes me thinking of what I was reading yesterday: about that men know and can feel about birth, too. - my bloody english, excuse me!
let´s celebrate our children!
x Stefanie

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

yes, egg! funny... what does the artist want to tell? ;-)
life is a great mystery...
x stef.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

So sweet! (My child inside me is never too far. Sometimes I think I haven't changed at all since I was 3 years old.)
Nice illustration, from far it looks like a pretty wallpaper or something but closer look reveals something else...


Puisque tu me fais le plaisir de suivre mon travail d'artiste, tu dois voir que mon enfance, qui fût pourtant très malheureuse, par certains points, est toujours présente en moi. A 70 ans, je garde intacte ma capacité de rêver, d'aimer, de créer et cela m'aide tout simplement à vivre. C'est ma réponse.


Nancy dijo...

you have a labrador? somehow it suits you to a T! About putting the profile pics onto a webpage, I am actually thinking of doing just that, just need a little more work first! :) (and I do have photoshop, it's just that the header needs to be a certain width to look good and such a large image tends to get rather heavy, so these small profile pics are much easier to put up!)