jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011


Algunos de ustedes habrán podido ver a la mujer-lince que yo mostré hace unos días, (ahora yo la muestro nuevamente) es esta:

Some of you have seen the linx-woman I showed a few days ago, (now I show it again) is this:

Bien, mi amiga Rossichka (Bulgaria) me preguntó si hay hombres-lince.
Por supuesto que hay hombres-lince.
No es fácil verlos porque todos ellos estan en cautiverio, ciertas mujeres, capturaron a todos y les pusieron un collar de acero en el cuello.
A veces, sólo a veces, alguna de ellas, saca a su hombre-lince a ver el sol, en algún parque en alguna ciudad, y lo suelta por un rato.
Probablemente, aunque los hombres-lince pudieran escapar, no lo hacen, porque ellos saben que fuera del cautiverio de una mujer, ellos morirían de inmediato.

Well my friend Rossichka (Bulgaria) asked me if there are lynx-men.
Of course there are lynx-men.
Is not easy to see them because they are all in captivity, some women, captured them all, and put a steel collar around his neck.
Sometimes, just sometimes, some of them, takes his man-lynx to see the sun in a park in a city, and let go for a while.
Probably, although linx-men could escape, do not, because they know that out of the captivity of a woman, they would die immediately.

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Manuel Ameneiros dijo...


art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Ha, Lynx duermodespierto var. urbanico ..... interesting species living only in urban areas. You know, I am very focused on the use of the black tufts of hair on the tip of his ears for artistic purposes. I mean if it is possible to use as a paintbrush for aquarel. If it is good quality there are even comercial possibilities !

rossichka dijo...

So they stay, but feel sad and lonely in a way... Living in an "exile", far away from the world and the life they belong to. Still I hope those of them who are in love, feel better and... maybe have nearly fogrotten who they were...
I like that drawing! (And the lovely urban background). He's aged and sad. He knows the taste of desperation.
When I go out to the park, I promise to look carefully, searching for lynx, especially men.:)I guess I could see at least one up on a high tree, BREATHING, while his wife is taking care of their child/children around...:)
Thank you, Roberto, for answering my question by drawing - it's so kind of you!!xx

Graciela dijo...

"Ellos saben que fuera del cautiverio de una mujer, ellos morirían de inmediato." Roberto has dicho una verdad absoluta.

Me gusta que tus dibujos provoquen estos diálogos, muy bueno.

Graciela dijo...

Ya que te gustan las polémicas, acabo de publicar una, de otra índole.
Espero tu opinión al respecto.

Mariangela Licciardello dijo...

Que fantasia, se puede hacer una pelicula:-)

Marcela Calderón dijo...

mmmm... no sé. Se ve triste. Me da pena, pobre hombre lince ;(

art is jok(k)e(n) dijo...

Every time I like tell you this: it does not look very "winterish " on the picture in your header . Or is this picture from different place?

Muchas gracias por las palabras bonitas! Siempre me gusta leer sus comentarios.

Sasa dijo...

Man-lynx! I want one!

indira lakhsmita dijo...

really... i should have put some collar... thanks for the lesson!!!! :D

Andrew Finnie dijo...

You really are a fine artist Roberto. Not many artists can paint someone we know, transform them, yet not make a caracature of them, whilst maintaining their sitter's dignity. Don't take that as a compliment - just as fact.