domingo, 12 de enero de 2020


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hedwig dijo...

Watch out for the Sirena, she is family of the witches! But the painting has beautiful colors. I like the deep blues and the warm yellow.
I had not seen that you showed pictures of your muestra ( I thought it was only the announcement poster ...). I hope you will make close ups of the other paintings and put on your blog so I can see a bigger picture.
Happy year to you too, singing cat, WWXX!!

rossichka dijo...

Who could suggest what's actually happening during the night by moonlight... Thanks for this beautiful beginning of a story, Roberto!xx

roberto M. dijo...

Hedwig, I dont think mermaids are witches at all JAJA. This is one of the paintinga are on the gallery walls yet. Fortunatelly i sold some of them. but I think I have some photos in y phone. I will show them here.

Rossichka: Thank you. Usually at night i am in bed sleeping so i can not even know what is happening outhere :)