lunes, 31 de julio de 2017


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hedwig dijo...

Hola Roberto! I am happy to see a new post! mmmmmm, what is the story... two children sitting next to each other in a school classroom. The boy thinks: oh the girl brought her dog into school secretly. I have to help her keep him quiet so the teacher doesn't see him. I will pet him softly with my foot. The girl thinks: Ohhh, that boy took his dog to school! How nice! The dog can sit on my foot and keep it warm! The dog thinks: I like it here under the table. Nobody knows I am here. I am the secret and I get a rub and I give a rub.
So a win win win situation. But who is the neighbor?
Byeeee! WWXX!!

rossichka dijo...

I'm just wondering who's the neighbour?:-) For me, it's the puppy! I like that you've used more colours than usual.
Hope you and your family are doing well, Roberto!xx