domingo, 5 de febrero de 2017


 Mi almohada, aunque no lo creas, habla.
Un día empezó a hablar de ti toda la noche.
Y no me dejó dormir
Y la volteé al revés.
Pero seguía hablando.
Y puse mi cabeza debajo de mi almohada, para no oír.
Pero, por supuesto, la escuché cada vez más ...
Hasta que mi cabeza se convirtió en una almohada.
Y ahora voy por ahí escuchándo de tí día y noche.

 My pillow, although you do not believe it, speaks.
One day it started to talk to me about you all night.
And did not let me sleep.
And I turned it upside down,
But it kept talking.
And I put my head under my pillow, not to hear.
But, of course, I heard it more and more ...
Until my head became a pillow.
And now I go around hearing about you day and night.

Our host, this week is Stefanie Seltner. Do not make excuses for not visiting her Blog and seeing all the participants.

7 comentarios:

nadine paduart dijo...

hee hee.
loving it!

Tammie Lee dijo...

this is so much fun!
at first the words make me think romantic and maybe frustrating
then the art made me smile and laugh.
thank you!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Oh, Roberto,
up to know I did't know more, that as a child about 3-years-old, I had a pillow, that was speaking to me... It has a male voice and it frightens me. So I went to my father in the night and he gave me his pillow.
So, thank you for your speaking pillow. Love it! Your drawing makes me smile.
x Ariane

CERULEAN dijo...

Wonderful story!:)

annton beate Schmidt dijo...

What beautiful little story and illustration. I love it!

Carole Reid dijo...

You drawing reminds me of the Dutch women who wore the huge hats. I wonder if they could hear voices as you do in your pillow?

hedwig dijo...

Haha, what a funny story! Hey, I am a Dutch woman and yes, I know they hear voices through their big hats :) The wind blows them in. I wonder what happens when the pillow-head-man bumps into such a big-hat-Dutch-woman :)))) Or... can a pillow talk with a big hat? Do they speak the same language? This is an idea for the sequel!
Bye!!! XXWW!!