jueves, 19 de mayo de 2016


And ... suddenly nostalgia  caught me,
as falling leaves in Autumn
as bare trees in July
as sunset on Monday in a late winter evening
as smoke from dry leaves, straight up into the windless sky an afternoon in May.
as box of old photographs a rainy day
as dinner with leftovers from lunch on a Sunday night
as thousands kilometers traveled
and millions words spoken...
And someone asks to me: Are you sad?
No, I reply, nostalgia is not sadness.
Sadness is memory  telling us never more.
Nostalgia is only the memory coming to visit us.

5 comentarios:

kerosene dijo...

and always fantastique!

hedwig dijo...

I love autumn and leftovers from dinner, I love the feeling of nostalgia that comes with them. But I often get overwhelmed by sadness. Now you told me the trick: not let the 'never more' take over! Just behold the memory.
Spring is here now so it takes a while till the leaves color and fall, but I am sure I will think of this painting in oktober.
Gracias y buenos dias!

rossichka dijo...

Hello, Roberto! So romantic... so touching! Yes, while sadness hurts, nostalgia makes you see things just as they are/were... I like most the Portuguese unique word "saudade" - it contains in it the hope that you can experience again what you are dreaming of ...


I simply love your words and drawing!
Hope you have a quiet and beautiful Autumn!xx

Tammie Lee dijo...

i like your thoughts on sadness and nostalgia. Good to consider.

your art is wonderful and tells the story well.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I think 'nevermore' is part of nostalgia, what makes it so bitter sweet. Love your poem!