sábado, 9 de abril de 2016


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Mariangela Licciardello dijo...

Es un' opera muy moderna y original. Complimenti e buena vida!
Un abrazo

rossichka dijo...

No luggage, no barriers - just follow your dreams, trust, believe and you'll find out that there's always a window, opened for you and the unreachable sky above, that can give you wings.
A very strong drawing, dear Roberto! I suppose, everybody will see something very special in it !!

hedwig dijo...

I heard about people who can fly in their dreams. I had that experience twice, that is to say: Once I flew a few meters above the ground and the other time I jumped high in the air but then down again, and up and down, like on a big trampoline. I am a little jealous of the flying dreamers! It looks so easy, light and free in your drawing! In stead of walking the dog, you fly your bird!