sábado, 6 de febrero de 2016


Esta noche, como todas las noches
Hay cientos de barcos que cruzan el océano hacia ningún lugar,
Hay cientos de cartas yendo hacia alguien,
Hay miles de aves que tienen temor a la oscuridad.
En un mundo mágico donde la noche es día y el día es noche.
Esta noche, como todas las noches
a ella le gusta caminar con sus tres estrellas
hay un misterio en torno a su realidad mágica
Obviamente, nunca podías oír sus pasos,
porque ella camina de puntillas,
y porque su noche no es tu noche.
Pero si  escuchas el sonido de las estrellas
sabrás lo que está pensando.

Tonight, like all nights
There are hundreds ships crossing the ocean to nowhere,
There are hundred letters going to someone,
There are thousand birds having fears to the darkness
In a magical world where night is day and day is night.
Tonight like all nights
she likes to walk  with her three stars,
there is a mystery arround  her magic reality.
Obviously, you will never hear her steps,
because she walk tiptoes,
and because her night is not your night.
But if you hear the sound of the stars
you will know what she is thinking about.

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rossichka dijo...
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rossichka dijo...

When winter's over and the sky is clear at night, I'll listen to the stars, so I could hear Her words... And then, may be, I'll know for sure who she is...
I like this ephemeral woman's figure, her transparent dress; the reflection of the stars, the regal Sun... But most of all your words,Roberto, who let me read them over and over again! So much mystery and beauty in just a few sentences! I've never thought before that birds are afraid of the dark!!xx

hedwig dijo...

Sometimes you see the sun and the moon in the sky together. And there is Orion, a three star combination above the equator so you can see from northern and southern hemisphere.
But! only in a Roberto painting all these elements are there together. And more! Her hair is the sea, her inside is outside, or is she wearing a dress with an island-print? And all that three!!! Three stars, three ravens, three steamclouds, three trees. Why??? This is the Roberto mystery :)))