lunes, 2 de marzo de 2015

BIRTHDAY CAKE/Drawing Challenge

Si me permites elegir, prefiero el chocolate...bizcochuelo de chocolate.
nada de crema.
Una buena capa de dulce de leche en el medio.
Entonces, yo tomo la torta con ambas manos y la aplasto contra tu cara,
y reimos, y yo, ecomo trozos de torta con mi boca, directamente de tu cara.
No es una buena manera de festejar tu cumpleaños?

If you let me choose, I prefer the chocolate....chocolate sponge cake.
no cream.
A good dulce de leche layer in the middle.
So, I take the cake with both hands and crush it against your face,
and we laugh, and I eat pieces of cake with my mouth, directly from your face.
Not a good way to celebrate your birthday?

Our host, this week is Katrin, to see all other DC look here :)

9 comentarios:

hedwig dijo...

Wow! Crazy guy!

renilde dijo...

haha you did it again Roberto!
love the ribbons and the bed :) x

rossichka dijo...

Hmm, what an erotic drawing... I'll keep in mind the power of "chocolate sponge cake"!:D
I like the ribbons in red, too - like a symbol of love and passion.

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

it's a sexy way!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

haha,I hope it's a very soft spnge cake you're smashing in her face ;) Sounds delicious anyway yum :)
LOL you can't even see her face - can she breath under all that chocolate??

rossichka dijo...

Hello, Roberto! Do you have guests?:)))

Alejandra Balanzario dijo...

Me ha encantado!!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

This makes me smile :-)

Fische Frauen dijo...

Well done for my Birthday ;-)