sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

VENA/VEIN. Drawing Challenge

Mis venas son ríos, en los que pequeños corazones flotan desde mi corazón al cerebro y viceversa.
Cuando duermo, la corriente  es lenta y tranquila,
cuando te veo, son ríos correntosos.

My veins are rivers, where, little hearts float from my heart to the brain and vice versa.
When I'm  sleeping, the stream is slow and quiet,
when I see you, are fast flowing rivers.

Esta semana el anfitrión es la talentosa Verónica. Para ver los trabajos de todos los creativos amigos vean Aquí por favor.
This week's host is the talented Veronica. To see the work of all creative friends see Here please.

12 comentarios:

Tammie Lee dijo...

so romantic
within yourself
as well as the world around you

hedwig dijo...

The man with love in his veins! Wow!
It must have been un trabajo complicado y delicado to put the threads in position and to make the little knots! I very much like the playfulness of how you put this together. It's loose and perfect at the same time.

Patrice A. dijo...

i like it!
your romatic soul
the hearts and nots
the color red and blue
the little wink


renilde dijo...

even before i click to arrive here i start smiling because i know you will make me smile by each visit.

'little hearts that float from my heart to the brain AND vice versa' i like that Roberto.

lovely piece of work dear friend x

Sharmon Davidson dijo...

Lovely and romantic interpretation!

CERULEAN dijo...

Love your funny and romantic interpretation:)

Veronica Roth dijo...

I love it, and, seeing photos of you and your family on Facebook, the image truly fits. :D

rossichka dijo...

Such a tender interpretation - a true confession in love! I like
the colours, the one eye open , the other - closed, the whole idea. The knots? Hmmm... This man wants to stay forever trapped in his love, doesn't he?...:)

Miss Herzfrisch dijo...

Dear Robert,
I love the idea of love is running through our veins and I start the day with a smile, thinking of this.
♥ Sabine

Fische Frauen dijo...

Oh Roberto,
this is so romantic!
And yes, this is my arm! And what the others think are drawings, is my heart implant. I have a heart of titanium :-) I am a very special one, don't I?
Waiting for your birthday cake!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

stunning, playful, surprising.
love your whim, mister.

tanïa dijo...

Oh, so lucky, I just came 'round. This piece is much too beautiful to be missed! :-)