domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015

THE UNEXPECTED (Drawing Challenge)

Lo inesperado para mí
fue darme cuenta de que estoy viviendo.
sintiendo primaveras,
disfrutando de el vino,
gozando del sol sobre mí
como si nunca hubiera pasado el tiempo.
como un buscador de cosas inservibles
que espera despertar mañana para seguir buscando.

The unexpected for me
was realizing that I'm living.
feeling springs,
enjoying wine,
enjoying the sun on me
as if it never happened time.
as a seeker of useless things
waiting wake up tomorrow to continue seeking.

El anfitrión de el DC esta semana es nuestra amiga Joke Konings. Gracias Joke!
The host of the DC this week is our friend Joke Konings. Thanks Joke!

17 comentarios:

kerosene dijo...

~ ♡ ~

Veronica Roth dijo...

Gosh, that's a lovely and intricate painting Roberto. I really like it. I like seeing it as all the separate facets of one personality. So lovely to stop by and catch up with you. X

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

your drawing makes me smile, this flying man, I feel him.
have a nice week x Stefanie

Patrice A. dijo...

love this drawing
a flying man in a bubble
smiling and taking life as it is
enjoying life

have a fine week
Patrice A.

nadine paduart dijo...

i've pinterest pinned your drawing today. these cubes of magic, it talks to me, i lOVE! roberto! n♥

Unknown dijo...

Ah one day one day Roberto I'll hope to be there where you are now realizing how easy live can be. Thank you.

Unknown dijo...


rossichka dijo...

Hmmm, seeking "useless things" sounds not engaging or to put it with other words -to take life not that seriously... But! While seeking, you can find out (even if not expected!) the most important, most exciting and beautiful "things" that can give a new sense to your life... So I imagine that everyone/everything that's drifting along (and alone), can open the door to his/its heart at any moment... For you..., for me..., for everyone of us...
I love this drawing, Roberto!!

renilde dijo...

wonderful, wonderful! and yes you're right Roberto, life itself is an unexpected surprise and for those who pay some attention there are unexpected things and moments all around us.
the man in the bubble looks great :) x

annton dijo...

an amazing illustration. I would hang it besides my studio door. to be reminded of all the great things happening out there!

hedwig dijo...

Hmmmm, I don't know what to say, what to make of this unexpected post. I love the words, I like the painting, but I do not see the connection. The words are living, spring, wine, sun, finding things, earthly. The painting is closure, cool, icecubes, mathematico, disconnection, bubble, air. When I hear the words I see a man who greets every day as a new adventure, enjoying the everyday things in life, with an eye for the beauty of useless things. A man who is connected with life. In the painting I see a man captured in a bubble. He doesn't smile at all. He looks frightened. His hands say Help. All the daily things are enprisoned in their own glass box. Floating randomly in space.
He can not reach them.
The words say connection, the painting is about disconnection.
But!!!! It certainly is unexpected and very intriguing.

Kristen Donegan dijo...

yes paying attention this is true and your piece is a great reflection of that- I especially enjoy the look on the man's face :)

Tammie Lee dijo...

oh my goodness
this is fabulous Roberto!
i love looking at it time and time again.

Carolina Grönholm dijo...

Great drawing! The little cubes with the heads are great :-)
Have a wonderful Sunday!

pauline dijo...

Roberto, what i love about your illustrations is that they always make me THINK and make me FEEL at the same time. They are all so intricate and meaningful. Thank you for sharing this with the world. You have an interesting mind and a warm heart. xx

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

hmmm, I'm half expecting to hear a loud "pop!" as one of those sharp corners burst the bubble ;) Your words are so poetic and your drawings too - how do you do it? Oh, don't tell me, or it might ruin the surprise ;)

Ultreya dijo...

Wonderful! :-)