lunes, 26 de enero de 2015


Un viejo hombre, vestido con el tiempo
estaba sentado sobre una piedra, 
viendo el atardecer,
respirando lentamente,
vio al Sol dejando la tarde,
vio a la Luna llegando, 
oyó a los pájaros acallar su canto,
las pisadas de los zorros sobre las hojas secas,
el murmullo del arroyo,
el silencio.
Se oyó la voz de una mujer diciendo:
-Tenés alguna pasión?
-Sí, sentir presencias...
-¿Presencias? qué?
-De todo, y de nada.
-¿Y sentís mi presencia?
-Y donde estoy, en todo, o en nada?
-Estás entre ambos, en un lugar llamado Aquí, allá, y en todas partes.

An old man wearing time
was sitting on a rock, 
watching the sunset,
breathing slowly,
he saw the sun leaving the afternoon,
he saw the moon coming,
he heard the birds hush their singing,
foxes footsteps on dry leaves,
the murmur of the stream,
the silence.
A woman's voice was heard saying:
-Do you have any  passion??
-Yes, to feel presences...
-Presences? ...of what?
-Of everything and nothing.
-And you feel my presence?
-And where am I, in everything, or nothing?
-You're between them in a place called Here, there, and everywhere.

13 comentarios:

Claire Wildish dijo...

This is beautiful Roberto! I LOVE your dreamy poem and illustration!!

Claire Wildish dijo...

This is beautiful Roberto! I LOVE your dreamy poem and illustration!!

Claire Wildish dijo...

Sorry! I didn't mean to send it twice!

renilde dijo...

the limitid color palette suits this drawing wonderfully, i can 'see' the silence but there's also movement and then there is your poem, touching as always and sweetly surprising.
you are so very, very good in combining your poems with drawings (or vice versa) Roberto

Kristen Donegan dijo...

I'll echo what Renilde said the combination of poem/painting is a real strong suit for you :)

hedwig dijo...

I was thinking about the IF-word passion and I felt it was too big an emotion to draw. In my mind I saw flaming hearts, burning lips, the color red splashing all over the paper. Now I see your work: It is sober and still, dreamy, minimal. But! it comes to life with the words. A man dressed in time feeling presences! Wow! You have a very special and unique way of thinking. A word comes to my mind and that is 'pure'. I think you are a poet with passion and purity. Amen!

sofam dijo...

Que linda la textura

Sharmon Davidson dijo...


Breathing Life dijo...

So poignant. So Beautiful. Thank you.

rossichka dijo...

Your poetic words sound like a parable. So wise! So nice! The passion is in your specific way of drawing and writing about love... A style that always makes my heart beat!:)))

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Oh, the passion of a mystic...
Love to your work again Roberto!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Que bien como sis per amigo!!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

mmm, this is very much connected to your next post (at least in my mind) - to be aware is certainly to feel passion. Yesss, I like it, I like it a lot. :)