sábado, 3 de enero de 2015


¿Sabías que yo soy un invento?
Una invención de tu mente
dibujada en un papel de 120 gramos con un lápiz 4B?
Pero realmente soy una mancha de acuarela
que por la noche va a volar tratando de llegar a la Luna.

Did you know that I am an invention?
An invention of your mind
drawn on paper 120 grams with a 4B pencil?
But I really am a watercolor stain
that at night goes flying trying to reach the Moon.

Hola, amigos. Más de dos meses sin dibujar algo para mi blog. Luego de mi viaje a NZ regresé a casa pero comenzó una etapa de mucho trabajo, sin descanso, (la cual aún no ha finalizado)
Por eso, no he tenido tiempo de dibujar o de ir a vuestros blogs. Disculpenmé, por favor.
Aquí estoy nuevamente, con esta participación en Illustration Friday.

Hello, friends. More than two months without drawing something for my blog. After my trip to NZ I returned home but began a period of hard work, tirelessly, (which is still ongoing)
So I have not had time to draw or go to your blogs. Excuse me, please.
Here I am again, with this participation in Illustration Friday.

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hedwig dijo...

Ohhhh!!! Hi!!!!!!!! You are back! And with an interesting painting. I see a mysterious moon caught in lines of steam produced by that fierce ship.
And then the soft floating you-stain...
Do you fly in your dreams? I wish to do that, but I never made it further then a very high slowmotion jump.
I love your header too! It looks like oil paint, but also pencil and cutting and paste.
Welcome back in blogland!

rossichka dijo...

Hello, Roberto!
I like your header, too.This couple ready to start its journey, in expectance of the right minute and second - I find it very suitable for a start of the New Year...
I missed your posts and drawings, but knowing that you were happy, I waited for your return patiently...:)
I like that you identify yourself with a watercolour... Yes, you have your own, special and secret way to the Moon that only your brushes know.
Go ahead and show us what you see!
Come to Blogland when you are ready and your mind and soul are free...X

Sujata Khanna dijo...

Beautiful ! I have been neglecting my blog too and miss seeing the work of my interesting friends ! Hope to get going with many posts in the coming months.!!!

Alejandra Balanzario dijo...

Hola Roberto y feliz regreso a casa, que bella acuarela, y bellas y ciertas palabras, feliz 2015, que sea de muchos logros y bellos momentos para todos ustedes, besos

renilde dijo...

so nice to see 'your moon' again Roberto ( there is an almost full faced moon peeping through my window right now), hope you had a wonderful, inspiring trip and wishing you a beautiful new year, x

Kristen Donegan dijo...

slow and steady right- always wonderful to visit your blog Roberto. hope your trip was inspiring and the new year bright :)

pauline dijo...

So good to see your art again. Hope you had a lovely trip and that you were happy to be back home (even if you have work to do!) Don't worry about visiting blogs. You'll do it when you have time. If you have extra minutes, DRAW or PAINT something! Happy New Year! xx

Tammie Lee dijo...

welcome back Roberto!
sometimes our work takes the time that art can fill. i hope you had a wonderful time away.

this is a magical and interesting piece. you have a great way with watercolors and a wonderful imagination.

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

welcome back! I agree about the header, it's full of excitement - although they do seem to be going downhil ... ;) Ahh, I've missed your watercolours, your drawings and your poetry that makes me smile inside out :):):)

sofam dijo...

Jelou jau ar yu ay no remember carreta sorri, iu invento, also iu invento carreta

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Bola Amigo!! Bienvendo!!! Jjjjjjjjjj!!!

Rod MacGregor dijo...


Claire Wildish dijo...

Hello Roberto! I have missed your beautiful stories and paintings. This is very magical. I love the story it tells...the romance and the melancholy.