miércoles, 1 de octubre de 2014


Nunca cuentes un deseo porque no se cumplirá.
A veces tengo temor de pensar un deseo porque temo de que no se haga realidad. Qué puedo pedir?
No lo diré... si te lo cuento, no será real.

Never tell a wish because it will not be fulfilled. 
Sometimes I have fear to ask a wish because I'm afraid that does not come true. What can I ask? 
I will not tell you what ... if I tell you, it will not be real

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rossichka dijo...

Well, well, feel your wish, visualize it and then try to... "catch" it! But that means that you must stand up and move, and do something...:)I also avoid telling or sharing my big wishes/dreams, otherwise I've noticed, they usually do not happen.
I like the red and the green accents!
Have a beautiful October, Roberto!!

Carla dijo...

Cool drawing, Roberto! I don't like telling people what my wishes are, either. Maybe I'm just superstitious. Hey when are you arriving in NZ? The 100 Days exhibition is on over Labour weekend (Oct25/26). It would be so great if you were able to see it!

sofam dijo...

No lo contaré entonces

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

And I don´t care I tell everybody: I wish your wishes come true!
this drawing is very nice, it´s like a design for a dress or something, a t-shirt maybe. Love it!
x Stefanie

hedwig dijo...

This looks like a game! The labyrint. Follow the lines and then you reach the inside of the head of the man and see his wishes. I think you wish for a star and all the rest, the weird shapes and forms,is mystifying clutter. What I find very intruiging is the little red stripe in the frame.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Oh, my comment disappeared somewhere..???

Anyway, I love the way you coded your message. It is like hieroglyphs, gives you some hints but does not reveal the true content.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

And Happy Birthday Roberto!

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

LOL, I tell everybody everything! Should I be more coy, more mysterious? Bah, that's not me ;)

Love all the clutter of your drawing, the patterned chaos, all the little secrets bumping to get out ...

rossichka dijo...

I don't know the exact date, so I'm telling you at this very moment: Happy Birthday, Roberto! Let your heart be filled with joy, warmed by love and beat happily! Lots of health and inspiration, exciting adventures and dreams/wishes that come true! Hugs and kisses! xoxox

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

this is complex, just like a wish is / is not. just that! n♥