lunes, 14 de julio de 2014

What's That? (Drawing Challenge)

Vos viste algo?
Vos oiste algo?...yo dije algo?
Vos escribiste algo? yo escribí algo?
Alguien se disgustó? Alguien pidió perdón?
Alguien está pensando en otra persona?
Alguien tararea una canción de amor?
Alguien mira el horizonte con la mirada perdida?
Alguien suspira?
Alguien, en algún lugar de la Tierra dibuja garabatos que terminan siendo un corazón?
Alguien camina solo bajo la lluvia, queriendo compartir el ruido del agua?
Alguien no puede dormir mirando la luz de la Luna?
Te despertás y ves un rostro en las manchas de la pared?
Oís que todos hablan pero vos no prestas atención?
Alguien siente un perfume en el aire?
Alguien se pregunta:  Qué es eso?

Do you saw something?
Did you hear something? ... I said something?
Do you wrote something? I wrote something?
Someone was upset? Someone asked for forgiveness?
Someone is thinking of someone else?
Someone hums a love song?
Someone is looking at the horizon staring?
Someone sighs?
Someone, somewhere on Earth draws squiggles that end up being a heart?
Someone is walking alone in the rain, wanting to share the sound of water?
Someone can not sleep watching the moonlight?
You wake up and you see a face in the wall spots?
You hear that everyone talks about but you do not pay attention?
Someone feels a perfume in the air?
Someone asks: What is that?

This week the DC host is Carole Reid,  I give you good advice, go HERE and see all the people playing with What's That?

9 comentarios:

sofam dijo...

¿Por cuanto? cada respuesta

k.h.whitaker dijo...

oooooooow, squiggles, I love squiggles :)

rossichka dijo...

That is the variety of emotions, feelings, people... That is life!
I adore this drawing, Roberto! They are back to back, but still don't use the rubber!:D I like that little cloudy heart that I can notice between them. Wonderful!!xx

Tammie Lee dijo...

this is beautiful
interesting and i find it to be wonderful ~

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Beautiful dreamy image. I like that white scribble line that forms a heart. They live in clouds while firmly leaning on each other.

hedwig dijo...

What is that? This is about being attentive, listening to what the other says and what he holds back, sniffing the air for signs, feeling the emotions, reading the deeper meaning, it's about being good to each other, not indifferent, not taking for granted, but give little presents, kisses, better too much then too less, helping, caring, doing your best, seeing the other as he/she is, accepting failures, not feeling guilty, it's about people, about life and love.

nadine paduart dijo...

mystery to our lives and actions... such studiousness for your characters, they become charmed and charming... the dot of red electric hair just stunning.

Carole Reid dijo...

Oh I love this, Roberto!

Melissa Mackie dijo...

This painting is lovely Roberto. I really like the concept. :)