domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

MEMORY (Drawing Challenge)

A veces, viene a nuestra  mente, como recuerdo, algo que nunca vivimos,
la memoria nos está traicionando?
¿O la memoria es como un archivo que tenemos desde que nacemos, un archivo que ya está escrito, en el que está toda nuestra vida, desde el nacimiento hasta la muerte, 
Todo pre-escrito, y en el cual, algunas veces, en sueños, podemos espiar qué ocurrirá en el futuro?

Sometimes comes to our mind as memories, something we have never lived,
memory is betraying us?
Or memory is like a file we have from birth, a file that is already written, in which is our whole life, from birth until die, all pre-written, and in which sometimes, in dreams, we can spy on what will happen in the future?

Esta semana el anfitrión es Kristen y si ustedes quieren ver a todos los artistas que se divierten con el tema Memory. vean aquí.
This week's host is Kristen and if you want to see all the artists having fun with the topic Memory. see here.

12 comentarios:

sofam dijo...

Cuanta cencia la suya

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

yes, like the visions the white queen and her mother seemed to have had in the 18th century in england. {i've been watching the series, can you tell?}

i always love the words you write to your drawings just as much as the graphics themselves, although they also do work superbly complimentary. n♥

Patrice A. dijo...

your words are like a poem
which fits the drawing so well
beautiful interpretation of the theme
memories like the wings of a bird
i like that!

Joke Konings dijo...

Interesting to see how you put memorys together in one painting. The past, now and future. Empty paintings... what will come? I love it.

Kristen Donegan dijo...

I love the play between memory and dream- the lines we create around an experience have holes where imagination seeps in and influences us to believe things happened a certain way- I wonder if it is all pre-written...perhaps certain events and then our free will is how we end up perceiving them.
Beautiful painting as always Roberto
I always enjoy all the fine details :)
Thanks so much for playing- hope you have a great week!

hedwig dijo...

What a peaceful, dreamy scene. A woman, Snowwhite, Sleeping beauty or perhaps a queen? It reminds me of the story Through the looking glass. Stepping out of reality in a world of imagination, where one can be completely free. The hole seems to fit her body and dress. perhaps she comes and goes. Free like a bird.
XXWW!! btw: I love your header. The hats suit you well!

Susan Christensen dijo...

This painting of yours is one of my favorite that you have ever done, especially the cloud dress -
happy week, Roberto!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

dear Roberto,
I have to come back later... so many layers here to escape!

xo Ariane.

barbarabeesblog dijo...

I find your drawing and words very surrealistic and really like this view to the theme memory...
Barbara bee

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

well, my dear Roberto, thank you, I love it!
x Stefanie
and please, next header with hat on!

tanïa dijo...

Yes, I know that. Memories can be betraying, beautifying, blurred and sometimes they even skip the unliked parts...they're so personal as well...ask someone who was along with you in the same situations and you may find totally different memories...strange and really close to a dream, that hasn't happened at all.

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Uh, love your words here... so true, dear Roberto!
and, man!, I see a sleeping, dreaming woman, red thread, white pages... clouds, seagulls, canvas and Italy! Italy as a breakout...! all in different layers, separate but related. So memory is similar to a dream, of course. Never thought about that! Unbelievable!
Thank you, Roberto!

What's about you being our host this weekend?!

xo Ariane