domingo, 13 de abril de 2014


Si sabes bailar con la Constelación
llegará hasta vos
desde un planeta lejano
toda la fuerza del Universo
para que tu cuerpo flote bellamente.

If you know how to dance with the Constellation 
will come to you 
from a distant planet 
full force of the Universe 
so your body floats beautifully.

13 comentarios:

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Great wild work Roberto! I like the way all the different elements co-exist in harmony but in completely unexplainable way :-) (Is that cabbage on the bottom?) I think that it is very 'zodiacy'!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

(Thanks for your message, I am fine, just busy. Have a great week, Roberto!! XXX)

hedwig dijo...

In macrobiotics one has to sow the seeds when moon and stars have a special position. So I guess this lady is helping her cabbage to grow by dancing for the stars and attracts the special forces of the universe to give extra power to the veggies! I have not much zodiac knowledge, but Sasa mentioned the elements. I see earth, water, air and the red planet must represent fire. The force.
It's very intriguing and beautiful!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

dancing, probably the only way to excist, the whole universe is our stage. very nice spiritual painting, I like the composition, stars on the skirt and under water - and there is a boat, ok, aha, I see...
have a fine week x stefanie

celine schroeder dijo...

Oh I like her! She moves in the water like there is no resistance, she looks so light… I love that, she owns the world! and I really like the green thingies, haha! Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this one!

rossichka dijo...

All the elements co-exist and that's only natural! I think she's dancing on earth, the fish are also dancing, even the birds and those secret letters... They all feel free! The salads will definitely grow very delicious under the rhythm of music!:DD
I like your interpretation of Saturn's ring, Robertoq and the whole composition!x

Kristen Donegan dijo...

I love all the movement in this one...and what is the boat that always shows up in your work?? a traveling mind? :)
A beautiful dance for sure ! hope you have a good week :)

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

Your words sound like a song - how fitting then that she should be dancing! :) Very hippie-ish with all the elements and the plants growing ... a lovely, uplifting painting!

sofam dijo...

Yo soy de Tauro tendre que bailar con una vaca?

Andrew Finnie dijo...

Still making beautiful work Roberto, !

k.h.whitaker dijo...

lovely Roberto :D

Wanda dijo...

Hola Roberto!
Muy apropiado tu "post", tomando en cuenta el eclipse lunar del 15 de abril... De aqui no se vio nada pero en PR se mataron sacandole fotos a la luna roja!
Me encanta tu nueva cabecera: una bestia de amor!!!
Te representa?!
Un abrazo!

Ana M.F. dijo...

Toda la fuerza del universo?
Genial, la necesito para compartirla :)
Lindo dibujo Roberto, me encanta el movimiento en las piernas de la mujer.
Buen fin de semana por allá también!