jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014


En estos días, entre una cosa y otra, estuve haciendo este dibujo para regalar a mi amiga Cristina porque fue su cumpleaños. Ella ama a los gatos, es una buena pintora,  y a mí me gustan las Lunas.
Lo muestro aquí porque sé que ella no ve mi blog.

These days, between one thing and another, I was doing this drawing, it is a gift to my friend Cristina because it was her birthday. She loves cats, is a good painter, and I like the Moons.
I show it here because I know that she does not see my blog.

8 comentarios:

hedwig dijo...

Beautiful poetic painting! Very peaceful. Great gift! XXWW!!

celine schroeder dijo...

A beautiful gift, I agree with Hedwig, very peaceful! I love the cat ;-)

MrsLittleJeans dijo...

I love this...adorable!

k.h.whitaker dijo...


Claire Wildish dijo...

It's been too too long since I've been to visit. Your painting is beautiful as always. Peaceful is definitely the word.

rossichka dijo...

I like the improvised curtain! And its pattern that wears the sense of coziness... So tender, lovely drawing, Roberto!:)

Patrice A. dijo...

will you join the dc again?
i am the host ;^))

barbarabeesblog dijo...

A really lovely illustration, your friend will be really lucky for such a nice and individuel gift.
I like to thank you for your kind and encouraging words about my exhibition. Its really good to know that at least virtuelle you have a fond connection.
barbara bee
See you at the weekends dc, right?