viernes, 7 de marzo de 2014

PELO/HAIR (Drawing Challenge)

Esta es una danza entre dos mujeres, dos mujeres con cabello muy, muy largo, que representa el poder de cada una de ellas.
Una de las mujeres dice: Rescátame
Y la otra dice: Estás en peligro?...Por qué?
No lo ves? Soy mujer, rescátame, y yo te rescataré...
Y la danza continúa, ambas danzan la misma danza, que comenzó hace siglos... y continuará, hasta que no necesiten más, ser rescatadas.
Feliz día de la Mujer!

This is a dance between two women, two women with long long hair, which represents the power of each.
One of the women says: Rescue me
And the other says: Are you in danger?... Why?
Don't you see? I am woman, rescue me, and I will rescue you...
And the dance continues, both dance the same dance that began centuries ago... and will continue until no more need to be rescued.
Happy Women's Day!

El anfitrión del Drawing Challenge esta semana, es Nadine, del Blog TinyWoolf.
La palabra sugerida es Pelo, y yo quiero pedir disculpas a ella, porque en realidad, yo no he desarrollado la idea, a partir de "Pelo",  solamente la utilicé de soslayo. En realidad, yo quería aprovechar la oportunidad para saludar a las mujeres en su día.

The host of the Drawing Challenge this week is Nadine, from TinyWoolf  Blog.
Hair is the suggested word, and I want to apologize to her, because in reality, I have not developped the idea from "Hair". I only used it sideways. Actually, I wanted to take the opportunity to salute women in her day.

15 comentarios:

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

¡Abrazos totales, Roberto!
Felicidades a todas las MUJERES en su día.
Ojalá sigan siendo bien FEMENINAS, aunque bien CABRONAS cuando así lo necesiten...

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Thank you for the Women's Day greeting, Roberto!
Uplifting post, hope that everyone will have someone to rescue them when needed, long-haired or not.

hedwig dijo...

I'm thinking about women's day. It's absolutely no big deal in my country. But I like the idea of women rescueing each other. I like the changing blue in your one dancer and the pose of the legs and the bum of the white dancer. Tense muscles! XXWW!!

joanne dijo...

Hope you had a great Womens Day!
I too hope that one day, women will no longer need to be rescued - that there will always be somewhere to find safety and peace.

Leena dijo...

That is a wonderful idea of hair representing the power of a woman:) Thank you for the nice drawings, Leena

rossichka dijo...

Oh, what a powerful impact! Women saving women!... I like the instant before catching the hand... And looking at hair like a symbol. They say that when you cut your hair (especially when it's long, you lose a part of your power. From the other side, women do it when they need a change, need to forget, to "break up" with a certain period of their lives...
I like your dancers, too! Especially the last ones, on the black background! Everyone relying on the other's hand, really together!
The new header is won-der-ful!!!
Do you have more drawings with hats??? Would be lovely. Happy new week, Roberto!:)xx

celine schroeder dijo...

And you did salute us in a wonderful way! I like to blue, the dancing and the hair and how they probably rescue each other!

Tammie Lee dijo...

such a wonderful piece for women
thank you Roberto~

Carole Reid dijo...

Hello Roberto and thank you for your salutations! I pray for the day when women will not have to rescue another woman.
Have a great week!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

this is a wonderful idea you've portrayed Roberto and something I've often thought's a complex subject that you've made simple and elegant.
I really like this trend of the cut outs you've been doing :) Hope you have a great week and thank you for the women's day salute :)
Best Kristen

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

the symbolism in your drawing is striking, i am especially moved by "... until no more need to be rescued.". makes one think so ...

dancers reaching out is a very fragile image of what we are about as humans. very powerful.
your new {hairy} hairy header is great, roberto!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

you´re such a charming man, Roberto,
thank you for this beautiful idea!
Women love you
x Stefanie

Patrice A. dijo...

sweet drawing
dancers and balance
thanks for honouring women!

hedwig dijo...

Oh!!!! and your header!!! Are you looking at me? XXWW!!

Veronica Roth dijo...

Nicely done. I love your sweet salute to women and the simplicity of the lines. :)