sábado, 8 de febrero de 2014


El tema de esta semana es, Proyecto Diario, sugerido por la amiga, Stefanie, (gracias por invitarme)
Primero yo pensé algo como "filosofar" acerca de eso,  algo como: ¿Es nuestra vida en sí misma un proyecto diario?...o: ?Somos el proyecto diario de alguien que juega con nosotros?, pero luego me dije:  Y si lo tomo literalmente? Ustedes ya saben,  ya he probado de hacer un proyecto diario, precisamente, por iniciativa de Stefanie, hace ya un año, (tal vez alguien recuerde las hojas en un cuaderno, que llené, durante un mes, tal vez un poco más) pero, no puedo, yo no tengo constancia, perseverancia para hacer un dibujo cada día durante un año (aunque, yo dibujo todos los días en el año)...
Pero la idea me gusta, yo quisiera poder hacerlo, cuando  veo las libretas de Stefanie, con un dibujo hecho cada día, yo quisiera poder hacerlo. 
Entonces, esta semana, me dije, un dibujo el lúnes, otro el martes, y así hasta el viernes, no es mucho, yo puedo hacerlo. Y aquí está...casi un WIP :)

This week theme is, Daily Project, suggested by our friend, Stefanie,  (thanks for inviting me ) 
At the first moment I thought something like "philosophize" about it. Something like : Is our life itself, a daily project ... or : Are we the daily project of someone playing with us?,  but then I thought: And if I take it literally? You know, I've tried to do a daily project, to be exact, on the initiative of Stefanie, a year ago, (maybe someone remembers the sheets in a notebook, I filled for a month, maybe a little more) but I can not , I do not have, the constancy, perseverance, to make a picture every day for one year (though I draw every day on the year)
But i like the idea, I wish I could, when I see the, Stefanie´s notebooks  with a drawing every day, I wish I could. So this week, I thought, a drawing on Monday, another on Tuesday, and so on Friday, is not much, I can do it. And here it is, almost a WIP .






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24 comentarios:

Manuela dijo...

I love your sense of humour ☺, I love your painting. Great to meet you thanks Stefanie.

xxxxox Manuela

Carolina Grönholm dijo...

This is so much fun! :-)

rossichka dijo...

Hello, Roberto! Philosophizing upon the theme seems quite tempting. But I prefer not to do it, because, as you know, our family is usually busy with different projects, which "eat" our time every day. So, actually, the Daily Project has been a practice, not a theory for me, since months and years! Even during the last few weeks and in this very moment...
I thought I would make a papercut every day, but just like you, I can't do it, at least because I don't feel always inspired.
Your interpretation of the theme is so clear! Working day after day gives always a result! Developing an idea and enjoying the process leads to something good, something beautiful - just like your collage is!:)

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

hahaha, your a genius!
And I am glad you stopped on Friday ;-)
Seriously very well done, I love to watch the pictures, the process - it´s high philosophie for sure!
Thank you my dear x Stefanie

Zyzanna dijo...

Ohhh I have done it once the draw somethign a day for a year. At the end I was very glad it wwas over ;)

This is a great set, sequential in an additionary way :D

celine schroeder dijo...

I love it Roberto, you are so clever, it is like a flip-book! I would love to see it as an animation or flip it through my hands, you made me smile this evening!

♥ tinyWOOLF ♥ dijo...

well, this is imaginative! and seeing it grow like this, on a fantasy note, it is just overwhelming! very funny!
and well done, brave, roberto!

hedwig dijo...

I wish a had
a bottle like that
to pour out wine
+ a man so fine
a man so nice
so wise
a sort of saint
he's made of paint
Alas, the mouth appears
big beak of the Vulcano
to swallow
dream + vino
with open eyes, no tears
monster says: Cheers!
See you in three hundred years!

Patrice A. dijo...

like you i am a admirer of Stefanie
and her daily projects
i sustained 10 days, ha!
yours is wonderful
and playfull
i really need to learn that!

Patrice A.

Norma Conway dijo...

Oh Roberto you talent! Just fabulous. Funny. Deep. Provoking. Always provoking is your work; therefore...powerful. In a good way. The little square things remind me of a deck of tarot cards I have that has an eye on each card. Norma, x

Carole Reid dijo...

Dear Roberto, your humour and philosophical thoughts along with your artistic skills always make for such interesting and surprising drawings. You've done it again with this week's drawing challenge. Bravo!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Wonderful Roberto! I want to see this as an animation of sorts I keep scrolling up and down fast to make it move on my screen- such a good idea. I am always more thoughtful after looking at your work :)

Katrin Seltner dijo...

hahaha, well done!

mano dijo...

a fantastic work in progress, a playful daily work. more please!!
:-) mano

Lucia dijo...

Very funny. But I also like your philosphical thoughts. Are we the daily project of someone? Good question.

annton beate Schmidt dijo...

by friday, things become wild. marvelous!

barbarabeesblog dijo...

I can understand the problems to stick with the same thing every day for one year that was the reason I had to try it for myself with the collage project last year and if I hadn't made in public I would have stopped after a month or so...
Your idea to develope one drawing step by step on a daily basis is very tempting also. I really enjoy looking at all these sequences and how it changes and developes. Pretty cool, dear Roberto (as always)
xo barbara bee

PILAR dijo...

Hola Roberto !!! Por aquí estoy de nuevo...y precisamente tu hablando de proyectos y nada menos de proyectos diarios !!!!! Para mi un imposible, tengo proyectos en espera de ser aplicados un día de estos....y me cuesta llevar a cabo cada día mis proyectos en ejecución....uffff !!!!
Aunque pensándolo mejor debería pensar en cada día venir a visitarte....éste si sería un gran proyecto de amistad. Besossss, repártelos para la semana (por si no me paso algún día...jee !! jeee!!!)

Tammie Lee dijo...

this is super fun
what a great idea
and so playful and creative of yoU!

Susan Christensen dijo...

Once again, you make me smile with the pleasure of an evolving creativity, roberto!

tanïa dijo...

Hehe, well that's another brilliant way to cheat the lack of perseverance! I'll try to remember when it's going to hold me from something again! Love the way of storytelling within your special daily project, who would have thought on Monday, what this supposedly harmless lady is going to do on Friday? So much fun! ;o))

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Wowww, me gusta esta Obra de arte de carton mucho Hombre!!!!!

renilde dijo...

ofcourse Roberto, this is exact the way to do it, you're a genius, i had many thoughts but non nearly as clever as this one, i did not solve the problem which 'daily project'is to me too, bravo and applause to you my friend,i think i can do with a glass of wine now too ;) xx

Cindy D. dijo...

Fantastic! I love to see the first drawing and then all the days that made the final image. Terrific characters!