viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

TAZA/CUP Drawing Challenge

Nunca les conté que, con mi esposa, decoramos tazas de porcelana. Nosotros ya hemos hecho cientos, algunas son para vender, otras por pedido especial, otras para regalar a  amigos, parientes.  Yo dibujo sobre la taza con una tinta especial, y luego va al horno a unos 780 grados centígrados, cuando se enfría, mi esposa la pinta, y nuevamente va al horno, y la decoración de la taza está lista. Aquí  les muestro dos tazas, una de ellas, es la taza de mi esposa, y la otra taza es de mi hijo, (las tazas de mis dos hijas están con ellas a muchos kilómetros de aquí, por eso no puedo mostrarselas),  y también les muestro, una tercera taza, que no está decorada por nosotros, pero es mí taza, es la que yo más quiero y cuido,  esta taza me la envió  mi amiga Rossichka desde Bulgaria, y es la que uso todos los días para el desayuno, para tomar café, para tomar té... ¿y saben algo? la "hermana melliza" de esta taza está en Bulgaria con Rossichka!!! (esta es la taza que yo llevaré a el cumpleaños virtual de Stefanie)

 I never told you that with my wife we decorate porcelain cups. We have already done hundreds, some are for sale, others by special order, others to give away to friends, relatives.  I draw on the cup with a special ink, and then it goes to the oven at about 780 degrees Celsius, when it is cooled, my wife paints it, and again goes to the oven, and the decoration of the cup is ready. Here I show you two cups, one of which is the cup of my wife, and the other  is my son's cup, (cups of my two daughters are with them many miles from here, so I can not show you),  and I show you, a third cup, which is not decorated by us, but it's my cup, is which I most love and care, this cup, sent to me my friend Rossichka  from Bulgaria, and is the one I use every day for breakfast, for coffee, for tea. And do you know something? the "twin sister" of this cup is in Bulgaria with Rossichka! (this is the cup that I'll  take to Stefanie's virtual birthday)

Y aquí está la hermana melliza de mi taza!! Hoy Rossichka me envió estas dos fotos, y  yo les muestro a ustedes. Sn las dos tazas más bellas en el mundo!!!! 
Gracias R.
(Rossichka, mi taza por las noches llora un poco, creo que extraña a su hermana)

And here is the twin sister of my cup! Today Rossichka sent me this two pics, and I show them to you. The  two  most beautiful cups  in the world!!
Thanks R.
(Rossichka, my cup at night cries a little, I think she misses her sister)


 Una vez más el anfitrion de el desafío, es nuestra amiga Stefanie.  los invito a ver a todos los demás amigos que jugaron con la palabra "taza"

Once again the host of the challenge, is our friend Stefanie. I invite you to see all the other friends who played with the word "cup"

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Carla dijo...

Roberto, I love these cups! I'm trying to read your blog in Spanish but not having much luck. I studied Spanish in high school and did quite well, but promptly forgot it as soon as I left. Anyway, the cups are great. I would like to decorate some of my own. Have a great weekend - as you probably know it's spring here and the nights are getting longer. Carla

celine schroeder dijo...

OOOHHH, I love it! You are full of surprises! If I had known that, I would have ask you for advice in my struggle with drawing on crockery....But I don't have an oven and that is the clue... Oh i love them so much and do I spot a sheep? haha, wonderful Roberto!

celine schroeder dijo...

And I forgot to mention that I love your self portrait on the back of the cup, hihi!

hedwig dijo...

Roberto, I'm speechless! You make wonderful cups! I try to understand the Spanish. Your wife, the graceful fairy Graciela, is knitting with the wool of the sheep. You, the sweet sheperd, brings her a cup of hot coffee, but don't forget the sheep who gets cold without the wool! I love the cup of Rossichka too. What an elegant shape it has. It's really a heart warming idea that she drinks from the 'same' cup. And I love the crumbs on you table!!! XXWW

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

hey, so nice you come with your cup!
and what a great story: to read something about you and your family, this is a very touching gift for me!
you´re really good together and it´s drawing at its best!
say hello to your wife x Stefanie

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

hey, so nice you come with your cup!
and what a great story: to read something about you and your family, this is a very touching gift for me!
you´re really good together and it´s drawing at its best!
say hello to your wife x Stefanie

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

hey, so nice you come with your cup!
and what a great story: to read something about you and your family, this is a very touching gift for me!
you´re really good together and it´s drawing at its best!
say hello to your wife x Stefanie

alejandra dijo...

Roberto, que belleza de tazas, super lindas, que creatividad, y juntos, tu y tu esposa, me alegraste esta manana! saludos, buen fin de semana!

Tammie Lee dijo...

your cups are wonderful
how wonderful that you make cups

Carole Reid dijo...

Every week I learn something new and interesting about you, Roberto! You and your wife make a good pair. Cute bottoms too. Have a great week!

mano dijo...

your (and your wifes) cups are so beautiful. I like the portrait of you!!
have a nice sunday!

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Dear Roberto, your hand decorated cups are absolutely cute and gorgeous, I would fell in love with the instantly, they make me smile!
And I like the story about your morning cup, this is cute.
Have a nice sunday.
P.S. The redhair girl at the beach, was just there, I've short blonde hair, like in the photo.

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Felicidades Hombre...siempre haces muchas differente cosas..Me gusta las Tazas!!!! Buen Finde semana!!

rossichka dijo...

Hi, Roberto! This morning I felt somehow differently since a long, long time... As if I began to "wake up". And what a beautiful surprise it was to see those wonderful, absolutely sweet cups, drawn with so much love - unconditional and deep!You are a nice artistic tandem with your wife and I can just guess how many people feel joy, when using your cups day after day...
Then came the second surprise - to learn that you like so much the cup I sent you! That really makes me happy!! I'll send in a minute a photo of its "twin-sister" - I took it this afternoon, especially for the occasion.
Just to add that I adore your style of drawing and am amazed at how much you've said on the pure cup surfaces...:)

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Such a lovely "tradition" that you both collaborate on- I love that idea and results are charming and so personal- which I love too :)
Thank you so much for sharing...funny how it's such a treat to learn new things about people we have never met and live so far from...but it is true none the less :)

Susan Christensen dijo...

Well, Roberto, you surprise me again - I like these cups of you and your wife, bery much. Always, your humor shines thru. -sus

camino roque dijo...

me gustaría pintar porcelana

Dania dijo...

hi roberto,
nice to meet you via stefanie! i like your cups - the drawings! and most the selfportrait!
have a nice week!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

this is so sweet, dear Roberto!
together with your wife.... these cups... again I am touched. Wonderful stories... And I love your self portrait!

x Ariane.

Patrice A. dijo...

what a beautiful cups!
and i love the idea of
working together
and that selfportrait made me smile ;^))

and like you
i have a favorite cup
but no drawing or print
just plain white

Patrice A.

Norma Conway dijo...

Well Mister talent! I am not surprised that you create such beautiful functional art pieces. It's great that you make these in tandem with your life partner. Together you create such things of beauty! Brava Roberto and Mrs. Roberto! *smiles* Norma, x

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

magic! as usual, here. wanderous, wond'rous soul... n♥

renilde dijo...

you surprise me once again my friend, these cups you make together, well not only the contents would cheer me up, just the look of them, great! xx

Marcela Calderón dijo...

Yo tuve el honor de ver esas tazas en vivo y en directo :) Belleza y amor.

Malena dijo...

¡Qué dupla!
Cuando se mezcla talento, creatividad, humor y amor salen cosas buenas.


Quelle délicatesse de ton et quel beau travail de création. Félicitations au créateur. Amicalement.


nelleke dijo...

nice to read you and your wife are making cups together, it seems a good cooperation :-)

rossichka dijo...

Hi, Roberto! I'll answer your last comment here... Do you know? We had lots of sun this week - around 20 degrees and up! It's an Indian summer here and today we saw most of the trees out of town in new, golden dresses! In Bulgaria we call this period "Gipsy summer".
So.... I suppose it's due to the spells of you both with Hedie!:))))

hedwig dijo...

Roberto! I just want to say that your header is so funny!!!!

rossichka dijo...

Roberto! The characters, "living" in your header, are fantastic!!! I like especially the goat and the whale in love!;) Happy Sunday! It's time for lunch here...

tanïa dijo...

How cute are these?! You're obviously perfect team-players, you and your wife! Your selfportrait-sign made my day, haha!