viernes, 21 de junio de 2013

SOLSTICIO/SOLSTICE (Drawing Challenge)

Madame Solsticio, a veces dura poco tiempo, a veces dura mucho más,
ella puede ser una niña floreciendo en la templada mañana
o una puta vieja deshojándose en la penumbra fría,
eso no interesa,
ella siempre será  una bella mujer
con la sabiduría del tiempo
y con la candidez de un pimpollo.

Madame Solstice, sometimes lasts a short time, sometimes lasts much longer,
she may be a girl blossoming in the warm morning
or an old whore losing her leaves in the cold twilight.
it does not matter,
she will always be a beautiful woman
with the wisdom of time
and with the naivete of a bud.


Nuestra amiga Kristen, es la anfitriona, esta semana, y eligió la palabra Solsticio.
Si ustedes quieren ver un montón de mejores propuestas  que la mía, ustedes pueden ir aquí. no se las pierdan.
Our friend Kristen, is hosting this week, and she chose the word Solstice.
If you want to see a lot of better proposals than mine, you can go here. do not miss them.

20 comentarios:

renilde dijo...

haha your work makes me laugh, the expression and attitude of 'the old whore',
and than the beauty of movement grabs me, the migratory birds, the playing wind...floating of time, excellent!

keep those feet warm my friend :) x

Unknown dijo...

Ha, love this one! the friendly girl and the one with attitude, like it, and she is also a bit sexy:-) And I like to see how the "wind"blows trough your work...

Carole Reid dijo...

I wish I could hear their conversation! Happy summer days to you.

hedwig dijo...

Oh oh Roberto, what an incredible mind you have! Full of symbols and full of women. I love their rough wild pencil hair! And, do you have snow in Cordoba??? Are those your feet? XXWW

Tammie Lee dijo...

such fun words
and a great drawing
i love their fly away hair
and the body posture of the gal on the right, fun in all it's details.

wishing you a summer that feels wonderful to you.

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

this is so beautiful, I love the moving in it, the grey in the background, the hair, it´s all like you used to draw but it´s different at the same time... no word for it, maybe just my feeling, is there an energy strange?!
x Stefanie

Unknown dijo...

Honestly Roberto, this is fun and beautiful. What a combination. Fun and beautiful. The thing is, is that the idea behind this, the words you use to comment on it, are beautiful. And, the drawing is beautiful. The lines. I am loving the movement of the leaves beside the elder, and those red bits beside the younger. Awesome piece!
The hairdos are great, and that hand on the hip says volumes. Gosh she makes me laugh to look at her. N, xo

Cindi dijo...

Right now I am thinking she is a temptress, offering the suggestion of warmth and light and then teasing with cool gray and mist.

You have such an imagination, Roberto! I wish I could meet some of the women you invent. They seem to lead such exciting, romantic and exotic lives.

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

gosh, I'd love to hear in on that conversation! :D beautiful imagery as always, but did you chop off the lizars tail?? that seems a bit mean ;) ... I wonder what's in that box ... the attitude on her face and whole body is just the best! :D

Nancy Grönholm dijo...

i just noticed your header - I'd forgotten you're goin through winter right now! :o For once, I don't envy you - summer right now is perfect here. but come back in a month and I'll be telling a different story ;)

Carolina Grönholm dijo...

There's a lot going on in this painting, almost like a dream! :) Have a great summer!

Leena dijo...

Cheerful and witty, I do wish I had the wisdom of time:) Leena

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Buen trabajo Roberto...Me encanta!!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

I like the humor of your movement from youth to older age ;) as the seasons so often remind us that everything is temporary and in a constant state of change.
Winter is always greeted a little on the grumpy side and also with determination as to whats ahead- while summer gives of itself freely- both are wise in their own right :)

Hope your having a good start to the long dark and generate many seeds to bloom at the next mid point!

Thanks for playing along!!

Unknown dijo...

Funny and cheerful, so much to look at, the girls the wind, birds, flowers on one side, autum leaves on the other and I'm specially drawn to the fish bowl!
Unusual, witty as always!
xo BarbaraBee

Ana dijo...

Me llama la atención como están bastante maquilladas y con peinados elaborados pero desnudas,son dos damas misteriosas :)
Ojalá que la del invierno sea buena con nosotros durante el tiempo que se quede por este lado del planeta.

rossichka dijo...

I like how time flows "in one breath", being measured in different ways when you are young and respectively - adult! You are a master of detais, Roberto! The flock of white birds is flying so fast, to emphasize that time is precious and we must not waste it. But for the older woman as if it has stopped; it's fall and time for leisure (a perfect image of the lizzard!)! While the girl is full of dreams about love and has just begun her life (the suitcase is a lovely hint).
What to tell you more? I like everything you draw and write, but you know that, don't you? I was late with my comment for your morning coffee, hope not that late for the afternoon one!:)))

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Un pimpollo... I like that word, is it a bud?
I like this madame solstice character too, in all her forms.

nadine paduart dijo...

the balance in this painting is unnerving. i love this!

Jutta Richter dijo...

I like Madame Solstice...and yes she will be beautiful woman with the wisom of time!