domingo, 16 de junio de 2013

MORNING, NOON & NIGHT (Drawing Challenge)

Por la mañana te vi bella
al mediodía no te vi tan bella
y a la noche no me gustabas en absoluto.

Por la mañana  no te vi tan bella
al mediodía no me gustabas en absoluto
y a la noche me gustabas muchísimo.

Por la mañana no me gustabas en absoluto
al mediodía me pareciste muy bella
a la noche...

a la noche vi que vos eras  vos
a la mañana vos eras vos
al mediodía vo eras vos.

Pero, esto es amor, puro amor, amor verdadero!
Por qué iba yo a mentirte?

In the morning I saw you beautiful
at noon I did not see you so beautiful
and at night you do not liked me at all.

In the morning I did not see you so beautiful
at noon you do not liked me at all
and at night you liked me a lot.

In the morning you do not liked me at all
at noon you strike me as very beautiful
at night ...

at  night I saw that you were you
at  the morning you were you
at  noon you were you.

But, this is love, pure love, real love!
Why would I lie to you?

El anfitrión de esta semana, en Drawing Challenge, es Helen, vean aquí su blog y a los demás participantes. Ah, el tema es: Mañana, Mediodía & Noche :)
This week, in Drawing Challenge, the host is Helen, see here his blog and other participants. Ah, the theme is: Morning, Noon & Night :)

18 comentarios:

sofam dijo...

Pareceres cambiantes

fantasy forest dijo...

This is such a thought provoking image!

Cindi dijo...

If emotion was not so layered and nuanced, we would not have such imaginative work as this to delve into!

objects of whimsy dijo...

Love it

the poem, the drawing, together....the diversity that these challenges inspire is amazing.

Thankyou Roberto

If its ok with you Id like to print it out to put up in my studio the poem and the drawing.

Helen :)

Leena dijo...

Hi Roberto, That is a funny, inspiring and fascinating post, thank you! leena

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Que nos hacen pensar de nuevo...con este imagen Hombre!!! Buen trabajo como siempre!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I love it when you use your usual symbols but do it always in a fresh new way: sun, moon, man, woman, boxes, sheets of paper...

Carole dijo...

Hi Roberto, There's so much to read between the lines and pages when comes to love and your drawing captures it beautifully. Have a great week!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Ya, that is real love, dear Roberto.
such a struggle with the partner.
Sometimes you are a wise man, right ;)

Love your words in partnership with your drawing... and the green saurian... yep, its an old story of human relationship, very old.


hedwig dijo...

I have looked at this post several times and I still don't know what to say. I think I understand the words. One person is not always the same, can be nice and loving one moment and nasty and ugly the next, but when you love a person you have to deal with all this personalities. Right? But the picture is a mystery for me, but a beautiful mystery! So I stop trying to understand what's happening. I just love the lizard-woman and the shy box-man. XXWW

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

amazing symbolisms...!
daring, and honest.

Kristen Donegan dijo...

HA! this is perfect living in the moment thinking :) I love your perspective and the many in your drawing as well!

I'm the next host for the DC solstice...if you'd like :)

renilde dijo...

poetic reality or realistic poetry...
i can look at your work for a long time, i love the lizards and the almost alive red chair,very clever.
tangy( is that the right word) work dear Roberto, x

camino roque dijo...

pero que muy buena tu ilustración

Anónimo dijo...

que buen trabajo Roberto, me encanta leerte, me encantó. abrazos


Un peu de provocation ne peut pas faire de mal lorsque c'est fait avec art !


Nancy dijo...

... aha, so someone knows what he's talking about! :)
You drawings and words are always so strange and mysterious, but above all beautiful; the cubes, the mouthless suns, the single uncovered face on the wall - it's all amazing! :o

Norma Conway dijo...

Dear Roberto. Just when I think I have seen a 'favorite' drawing that you've done, and/or favorite poem, I come across something like this one. It leaves me stunned. I feel for your thoughs/thinking. Isn't that silly. I feel for your feeling. I have no other words. Love this to bits, bits, bits, bits. N, xo