viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

OLOR/SMELL -Drawing Challenge

Yo compré esta caja de diferentes perfumes en el Free Shop de un aeropuerto. Uno cree que compra algo bueno por poco dinero, pero... realmente, de todas estas pequeñas botellas... ningún aroma me agradó, no usé nunca ninguno de ellos.
Las botellas estaban ubicadas dentro de una especie de blister que fue el soporte adecuado para pintar todas estas caras oliendo algo realmente feo.
Parafraseando a Shakespeare. yo diría:  "Hay algo podrido en Bulgari".
Debo pedir disculpas porque fotografiar esto fue realmente difícil para mí, por el brillo que se refleja. perdón, esto es lo mejor que yo pude lograr.

 I bought this box with different perfumes in the Duty Free at an airport. You think buying something nice for little money, but... really, of all these little bottles ... no smell pleasing to me, I did not use any of them ever.
The bottles were placed in a sort of blister that was the proper support to paint all these faces smelling something really ugly.
To paraphrase Shakespeare. I would say:  "There is something rotten in Bulgari".
I must apologize because photographing this was really hard for me, by the glare reflected. sorry, this is the best I could achieve.

El anfitrión de el Drawing Challenge de esta semana es Bárbara visiten su blog y allí podrán ver a todos los participantes con sus excelentes creaciones.
The host of the Drawing Challenge this week is Barbara visit his blog and there will be able to see all the participants with their excellent creations.

15 comentarios:

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

lol, I love it, that is just great, all the faces and what Shakespeare, I mean, you is telling about! Wisdom and fun!
For me there is nothing better than that kind of male smell... not to strong of cause but... rrrrrrrh ;)
have a good smelling weekend!

celine schroeder dijo...

Wow O looooove it! That idea is just great! I have some perfume bottles which don't smell very nice, maybe this is an idea I'll steel from you;-) And I just notices that they also look angry at each other, hahaha!

Carlos dijo...

Robert, el aprovechamiento de la caja ha sido muy creativo, publicidad crítica, acaso??

(guárdame algunos frasquitos que cuando vaya a Córdoba o tu vengas para aquí, me haré de ellos) jajaja.

Un abrazo.

hedwig dijo...

MMMM, I only know something GOOD from Bulgaria and that is Rossichka! But oke, I forgive you, it's Shakespeare's fault.
How did you do this? Paint each bottle? Or paint digital in the picture of the bottles? I'm very fond of little bottles and I really like most cheap perfumes. I wish I could put my big nose in them to snif!

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

your banner pear looks very inviting!

that shakespeare sure knew what was coming, didn't he? ;)))

what an excellent idea to personalize those bottles!! you've just made your very own scents...

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Hi Roberto, maybe you don't like the smells, because they're for women...?
But how you solved the problem with nasty smells is so absolut phantastic! I LOVE it!
Thanks for participating!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

This made me giggle, you are super creative! Bulgari beware... (The white guy in the middle doesn't have a nose? :-P)

Cindi dijo...

I love that you took this challenge in another direction! The smells that come from the Duty Free shops give me terrible headaches, and I try to avoid them at all costs. I completely agree with your little faces.

tanïa dijo...

Haha, look at those angry faces! No wonder they also don't smell very kind! I'm totally with Cindi, I try to give a wide berth to perfume shops, those smells drive me crazy and give me headaches, too. In a way, ALL perfumes look at me like yours when I enter a duty-free shop, so I better stay out from the outset. ;o)

Patrice A. dijo...

i like it!
those ugly and angry faces
on bottles with ugly scents

Kristen Donegan dijo...

HA! this is wonderful! I often have that same reaction to perfume- too strong, makes my eyes water and burn yuck! and people want to wear it??
Your drawings are very often how I feel :)

renilde dijo...

ha Roberto, i knew you would make me laugh, this is so you, x

Sue Hutchen-Lay dijo...

Ha! Brilliant! Thank you for this.

...tatjana... dijo...

ha, ha! this is so great :oD
and yes, perfume can be difficult for the nose.
very honest product design ;o)

thank you for your beautiful words on my blog.

tatjana ♥

Norma Conway dijo...

Oh Roberto I laughed out loud when I read the Shakespeare quote (well your version of it anyway!)
I love that you made something beautiful out of something ugly in the first place. Your thinking, emotion, and talent, have come together to make the world a better place than that which contains smelly ugly haughty fumes.
You are unique in how you view the world and I feel honoured that you share this. Brava. N, x