lunes, 20 de mayo de 2013


Hola, amigos, ayer, domingo  estuve pintando el techo de mi dormitorio. Odio hacer eso!  Salpico mis manos (como ustedes pueden ver en las fotos),  ensucio mi ropa!
Pero entre tiempo y tiempo pinté esto que yo hoy les muestro, yo lo llamo "El sillón de el Jefe"
Buena semana para todos!

Hello, friends, yesterday, Sunday I was painting the ceiling of my bedroom. I hate doing that! I splashed my hands (as you can see on the photos), I mess my clothes!
But between time and time I painted this, that I show you today, I call it "The chair of the Chief"
Good week for you all!


10 comentarios:

Rod MacGregor dijo... gusta el cuadro..y encanta el sillon de jefe..Te gusta sentarse en una cara.

Cindy D. dijo...

Haha, I hate to paint ceilings! At least you are done! Cool painting and I like to see the progress photos! I like the face chair with the hat. :)

Manuel Ameneiros dijo...

Excelente, Roberto.
Todo un símbolo.
Abrazos totales.
PS: ¿cómo te quedó el techo?

Nancy dijo...

pintando el techo solo salpicas las manos? a mí me cae en la cara, el pelo ... ;) love the illo! and that chair, wow it's an armchair for a boss, that's for sure! ;D ... but is that a man's face or a woman's? both - neither? :o

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Cool to see the process pictures. So much black at some point but the end result is colorful and warm, interesting... Do you decide the colors already when you start?
(I have painted ceilings too, hated it, especially paint in hair...)

renilde dijo...

you're painting in between painting your bedroom... :)
strange, i painted a hat painting last month using black, greens, pinks and blues, i remembered it looking at this witty work of yours. xx

barbarabeesblog dijo...

No Problems with the comment, it is all o.k. ;)
But I fear my head is not maze, but a gone wild rabbit.

hedwig dijo...

He, a man as a subject! A blue man. The colors are great and the composition too. I very much like the handkerchief peeping out of his pocket. It looks like an eye of the chair and it brings a laugh in this painting. XXWW And i like the hats!

hedwig dijo...

Suddenly I see that your avatar is blue also! It's yout blue period.

Ana M.F. dijo...

El jefe me hace recordar algo a Bogart :)
No me fío mucho del sillón, creo que podrìa morderle los pies al que se siente!!