sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

ESTÍMULO/FILLIP (Drawing Challenge)

Todo vuelve, todo se repite,
como la fases de la luna,
como la huella de una serpiente
en el desierto rojo de tu corazón,
zigzagueando entre realidad y sueño;
cada momento puede ser una espina o una rosa,
te lastima, o te acaricia,
todo vuelve, y todo se repite,
es nuestro estímulo, para abrir los ojos todos los días
con la esperanza de que podamos cambiarlo.

All comes back, everything repeats, 
as the phases of the moon, 
like the track of a snake
in the red desert of your heart, 
zigzagging between reality and dream; 
each moment can be a thorn or a rose, 
hurts you, or caress you, 
all comes back, and everything is repeated, 
is our fillip, to open the eyes every day 
with the hope that we can change it.

Esta semana el host de el DC es una bella Hada, de las orillas de el lago Bodensee.
Les juro que nunca fue tan difícil para mí resolver un DC,  esta semana, yo pensé tres opciones diferentes con la palabra Fillip; esta es la última. pero aún no estoy contento con lo que hice.
Quieren ver a todos los que juegan esta semana? busquen donde nuestra hada vive... 

 This week the host of the DC is a beautiful Fairy, from the shores of the Bodensee lake.
I swear it never was so hard for me to solve a DC. this week, I thought three different options with the word Fillip; this is the last. but still I am not happy with what I did.
Do you want to see all friends that are playing this week? look where our fairy lives ...

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Cindi dijo...

Roberto, I rather like your painting and think that the green and red pictures of your couple (lovers?) would make an interesting triptych with the man in his rain hat. There is a lot to excite and inspire here!

celine schroeder dijo...

Hi Roberto, Yes it was a hard Dc, but also a beautiful one and I love what you did! How that couple "mirrors" each other, like a reflection. You have to loook carefull to see that is not all the same, like like the boxes;-) altough your not happy, I think it's beautiful!

Claire Wildish dijo...

Yes Roberto you say it well! "The hope that we can change it"... I like this a lot.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I was so mesmerized by your header that it took me long time to stop staring at it and scroll down to see your post. And now I feel my brain is running in cycles and I don't understand anything... Maybe it is too late for me, I'll come back tomorrow. XXX

Kim Henkel dijo...

Lovely words Roberto, and your creation is wonderful. I love the colours and the beautiful boxes and people.

fRau käthe dijo...

a wondeRful pictuRe. you'Re so Right. we can staRt again. eveRy day. on and on.
i like youR woRds an youR phases of the moon.
pleased to meet you. käthe.

Susan Christensen dijo...

Roberto, I always enjoy reading your prose, and this drawing that illustrates our difficult challenge this week is a fine one.

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

pretty symmetric symbolism!
[i wouldn't want to say these three words aloud though... i think i'd fillip...!]

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

My dear prince Roberto,
well, nothing new you are not satisfied, but I love what you show here: The words are touching and inspiring and the first in my eyes was: Yes, the redpink color with the bit of black and white this is my taste, I am sure you chose it for me. What I love, too, are the moons, the little "Zipfel" between their arms - ok, I am sorry, sometimes I am just angry because my English is not enough to explain or to tell... I love the composition, there is a circle in the centre, I really think this is a great work!
And I am sorry I know the d.c. was difficult, in fact I did not know what to with it by myself - better difficult than boring, right ;-)
x Stefanie

Patrice A. dijo...

hmmm... the faces of the moon
the moon in their hands
your touching words
the embrace of the circle
the repeating of it all
and our choice to open our eyes
every day
you may not be pleased with the result
i am!

Patrice A.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Morning Roberto, back here with a refreshed brain :-) I still find this very difficult and think it reflects the difficulty you had, which is in a way genius, you managed to convey it! And I do love the colors and patterns of your illustration, the snake and the background are delicious!

renilde dijo...

all comes back and everything is repeated still...your man and woman, your moon, boxes and unwritten pages do come back but never fail to surpise me again and again,the snake gorgeous against that pinkish-red background, the calm hope with wich they accept the days,
sometimes i look at your work in fascination with the details and than there's that fillip and i see the whole,
beautiful my friend, x

...tatjana... dijo...

wonderful words. yes! each new day is like a blank sheet of paper. and it´s good to start with a yes!

i like your illustration very much. could also be the design of an interesting board game. the game of life :o)

thanks for your comment on my blog.
and to your golf shoes and nest question i´ve answered on my blog. i call the shoes my magical clown shoes...

have a wonderful time ♥

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Wowww que dibujo!!! Me encanta...Las palabras son como un Cancion de Pink Floyd!!!!jejeje...Tu lo sabes por que ehe escrito eso...pero ees la verdad hombre...artista y poeta !

Hombre amigo Agentino....buna semana a vosotros humanos!!!!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Los siento..faltas de ortografía culpa del teclado!!!jejeje Y dedos gordos!!!

Tammie Lee dijo...

i think you piece is wonderfully interesting and unique which is awesome. it makes me look and look to feel into it's meaning and enjoy your creative expression.

Norma Conway dijo...

Roberto I just love that snake winding its' way through the drawing. The yellow lined box is so so so mysterious. Is there a meaning to it that you are aware of? I mean do you have an intention behind it (or inside of it?) Isn't it great when you have more than one direction to explore? Maybe there will even more new directions that will appear in your life. Love your work as always. N, x

hedwig dijo...

Youe words are wise and comforting, your picture is beautiful. Together it's so poetic and symbolic.

Nancy dijo...

he, a neekid man for a change! ;) sounds like a really hard challenge this week ... but I really really like your image - it's got that circling movement to it, it's a little dizzying even! interesting composition, like layers and layers of information. nice :)

Kristen Donegan dijo...

So true this was a challenge in the true sense of the word which makes the end results that much more interesting no? :)
I enjoy how you approached this- your poem is soft and deep at the same time- and the picture is moving in many ways- well done!

tanïa dijo...

I'm so with you, it was quite a hard challenge. Some of this confusion is somehow mirrored in your painting. But I still love your result, even if the painting was puzzling me on the first sight. It's the boxes...I totally like the composition, the background, the snake, the couple...the boxes keep irritating me, I don't know why. The poem is lovely instead, no irritation at all. Just wise words. ;o)

Frau Wien dijo...

Oh yes, it was a hard challenge but I like being part of it and having a look on what the others did! I like your result very much, Roberto! Very wise words and very strong colors! I know how critical we can be with our own work and thats a good thing to keep the flow alive! Thank you so much, Meike

Patrice A. dijo...

new theme is up
will you join?

barbarabeesblog dijo...

Dear Roberto, I had a lot of trouble with this theme also and you shouldn't be unsatisfied with your result, this is totally awesome! I like the story you told behind and artwork with it is perfect!

fados do lar dijo...

this is a very awesome illustration!