sábado, 4 de mayo de 2013


Ella bailaba conmigo todas las noches,
ella se sentaba sobre mí,
ella  me acariciaba, 
y  simulaba tener sexo conmigo.
Ella casi se desnudaba frente a mí
todas las noches,
y todos aplaudían a rabiar.
Pero para ella yo no existía...
yo no fui creado hombre,
yo era silla.

She danced with me every night,
she sat on me,
she stroked me,
and she pretended to have sex with me.
She almost undressed in front of me
every night,
and everyone clapped wildly.
But for her I did not exist...
I was not created a man,
I was a chair.

Esta semana, el anfitrion de el DC. es  la amable Tania.  La palabra de el desafío es "Burlesque",  tentadora palabra. 
Aquí ustedes pueden ver el excelente  trabajo que ella hizo, y las diferentes propuestas de los demás amigos, que se unieron al juego. Gracias Tania.
Yo hice a esta mujer cuadrada, por iniciativa de mi querida amiga Sasa, Gracias, Sasa, (todavía yo debo hacer la luna cuadrada ;)

This week, the host of the DC. is, the kind Tania. the word of the challenge is "Burlesque" tantalizing word.
Here you can see the excellent work she did, and the different proposals of other friends, who joined the game. Thanks Tania.
I made this square woman  on the initiative of my dear friend Sasa, Thanks, Sasa, (yet I must do the square Moon)

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Stefanie Seltner dijo...

I was a chair - cool!
I love it, again you give us a great interpretation!
have a nice weekend x Stefanie

hedwig dijo...

The square woman! A gig for the freakshow on a burlesque fair. She looks very sexy thanks to her pussycat nose! I'm glad the chair loves her. They make a fine couple. You get very inventive with this square thing, dear R!!!

sofam dijo...

ELLA O VOS mmmmmmmmm....publicidad encubierta ojo que la Servini la prohibió.

k.h.whitaker dijo...

Looks like you've been having fun. Very creative Roberto. :D

Susan Christensen dijo...

Your story lured me in and gave me a surprise and a laugh in the end. Very clever!-sus

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

excellent word and thought derision!

objects of whimsy dijo...

this is really good Roberto

really like the concept the text and image all coming together in a very intrigung way.

Helen :)

tanïa dijo...

...a chair, haha, very good surprise ending of your story! And verrrrry cool and sexy artwork, too. Love her tempting look and all the details...is that a bunny's or a kitten's nose? Ha, well, she IS a bunny (or a kitten)! Great job, my dear Roberto, you put both fun and allurement together, this is PURE burlesque!!
Thank you so much for playin'!

tanïa dijo...

You had a 2CV?? Ha, superbe! If you happen to find a picture of it, PLEASE email it! I love vintage private 2CV photos and we're collecting some, probably for a book publishing.

celine schroeder dijo...

Another point of view! love it...the woman does look a bit mean...hihi! But I love your little dance scene!

BunTine dijo...

So cool, this look of the lady! A great interpretation of the theme burlesque and really fun!
♥ it, Kerstin

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Is this the beautiful cube woman I have been waiting for?!!! Love it! Amazing and strange, somehow 2d and 3D at the same time. And love that kitty nose... Well done, Roberto!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Interesting point of view... dear Roberto. Great work. And I like that you connect an artpiece for Sasa and the dc...


mano dijo...

haha, a chair!!!
great and funny work!
:-) mano

barbarabeesblog dijo...

A very funny, unique and clever interpretation of the theme, very good!
P.S. May I invite you to the next dc, where I am the hostess this time? I would be very happy!

Indre Z. dijo...

Dear Roberto,

thanks a lot for your visit to my blog M i MA. Now I know, what all the question marks mean ;)

I really like your work. If you are interested in an interview about you and your work please let me know. It would be a great pleasure for me.

Best wishes from Berlin,

Norma Conway dijo...

Creative original exciting artist Roberto! You could be an animator I know this in my heart. And write the script brilliantly. This offering for the theme burlesque is great. Just great. Norma, x

mano dijo...

dear roberto, thank you for your nice comment! violetta de winter is not a real person (oh, I hope so!). I thought it's good to give minna such a wonderful name - once in germany "minna" was always the name for a maid (maidservant?)!
have a good time - I love your new post! I have taken it in my heart!
:-) mano

Anne Manda dijo...

Fun and surprising and fits the theme perfectly! :)

nelleke dijo...

haha, fascinating work, Roberto, I also like your latest post for illustration friday, I didn't see how I could leave a comment, so I write it here. Have a nice day!!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Yo lo mismo como Nelleke...No se puede comentar en tu ultimo post...pero quiero decir que como siempre...me gusta...Y Gracias jejejeje!! Dibujo de corazon es muy gracioso!!!!!!!!! Buen semana ha vosotros!

Ana M.F. dijo...

me encanta su cara hecha de recortes, has elegido los rasgos perfectos y la nariz le da el toque divertido :)
También me gusto mucho el último post, el de IF.
Buen fin de semana!!

renilde dijo...

oeh that face of hers, great composition, great interpretation :) x