miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013


Para ella, él era salvaje...
Para él, ella era salvaje...
y ellos hacían cosas salvajes,
se acechaban el  uno a el otro
se agredían el uno a el otro
se tendían trampas el uno a el otro
se escondían para no ser visto por el otro
se espiaban el uno a el otro
se gritaron, discutieron,  se hirieron,  se arañaron, lucharon, lloraron,
se miraron de soslayo
se sospecharon el uno al otro...
Y finalmente,  se dieron cuenta de que habían perdido el tiempo irremediablemente
porque ellos estaban enamorados.
Fue salvajemente tarde para todo

To her he was wild...
To him she was wild...
and they did wild things,
stalk the one to the other
assaulting the one to the other
entrap the one to the other
hiding to avoid being seen by the other
spy the one to the other
they shouted, they argued, they hurt, they clawed, fought, cried,
they looked askance
they suspected the one to the other
And finally, they realized that they had lost irretrievably time
because they were in love.
Was savagely  late for everything.

Yo quiero decir algo, yo hice este dibujo, solamente pensando en el impacto visual. por eso en él yo  puse elementos, todos,  digamos, "llamativos"
La serpiente, las grandes flores coloradas, la piel blanca, el pelo verde, las miradas entre ellos. y los pequeños peces, los cuales no son una imagen fuerte, por así decirlo, pero no dejan de tener  "peso" visual. Todo sobre un fondo verde suave para que cada elemento tenga mayor presencia. Crees que lo logré?
Ah, todo esto sumado al texto contradictorio, ellos  se trataban  de modo salvaje, pero  se amaban.

I want to say something, I did this drawing, only thinking about the visual impact. it's why I put elements, all, I would say, "flashy"
The snake, large red flowers, white skin, green hair, the glances between them. and small fishes, which are not a strong image, so to speak, but not without visual "weight". All on a soft green background so that each element has a greater presence. Do you think  I did it?
Ah, all this plus the contradictory text, they treated each other, so wild, but they loved each other.

17 comentarios:

kerosene dijo...

Wow, Mr. R
Another amazing painting
and story!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

in love?
it´s cold.
I love the big the snake and the pattern in pink with shell and the green at her hair.
a very interesting painting!
x Stefanie

fados do lar dijo...

me gustan mucho tus composiciones :)
la mirada de los personajes está muy muy muy buena!
unas miradas muy poderosas :D

hedwig dijo...

Oh no, it's never too late! They still look angry, don't feel the soft nibbling of the foot massaging fishes, but the snake is retreating. When he is gone, they are back in paradise.
Your picture is perfect. The composition, with the right lines and then the twisting line of the snake gliding along. The colors, specially the soft green background and the sparkling green of the woman's hair as big point of attention in the middle!
I know you don't like analyzing, dear R ,but I do! Can't stop when I see your pictures. They are so mysterious!

Anne Manda dijo...

Very intriguing; the fishes, the snake with thorns, their expressions... Love the composition, the colors and patterns!

celine schroeder dijo...

So much to see: the fishes, the snake and flowers. great details. Love the pointing fingers! Maybe it's not to late if they didn't hurt each other too much... maybe....

renilde dijo...

love has many faces :)
i love you did the man and woman in line ans white, they stand out perfectly against the background, that realistic snake is great too and the pale blue water works very well.
very fresh and you're keeping that mysterious touch, i keep looking,

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Si Hombre...has echo muy bien!!!!!
Me gusta tu trabajo...es muy interesante!!

hedwig dijo...

Roberto, you put all the elements, the colors, the arrangement, the figures, the looks, the symbols together in a perfect way. Follow your intuition, that's what I love about you ( at least one of the things) and that's what I'm learning from you. And also that fighting isn't the end, but just a part of loving. Thanks!

Cindi dijo...

So much to think about in this image that I will have to come back to it again and again--the colors, the imagery and those expressions!!

I think the comments spawned by your painting are as marvelous and interesting as the picture.

Norma Conway dijo...

You nailed it Roberto. I wish that this was the cover of a blank art journal and that the writing was on the back cover. It is brilliant. Awesome. Truth. And everything that anyone could ever hope to experience in one lifetime. N, xo

rossichka dijo...

So much passion in destroying a connection means that they both are quite alike - strong and irreconcilable (Look at the fingers!).
Alas! The snake is leaving, but their backs will never touch each other, their lips will never smile... It's really too late. And senseless to be together...
A lovely composition and details: very whimsical and wise, Roberto!
I adore the green half of the hair!!

fantasy forest dijo...

Loved the concept!

Nancy dijo...

So beautiful! The cool, soft water that connects them even though they're sitting back to back, and the fish nibbling as if trying to get their attention, to get them to see sense. Lovely, just amazing. as always :)

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

I love the mysteriousness of this. Your 'fish bath series' is just exquisite. The surroundings look calm, airy and elegant but then there is all this drama going on... Excellent!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

Very cool, love the snake winding back and forth in the background.

rossichka dijo...

Roberto, dear, can I "copy-paste" this photo, please? I like quite a lot pigeons and this photo in black and white has such an atmosphere!