viernes, 26 de abril de 2013


Alguna vez ustedes oyeron acerca de personas que toman una fotografía, y cuando ellos ven la foto en la computadora, aparece un OVNI?
Bueno, yo quiero contarles que, cerca de mi casa, hay un cartel de madera, muy lindo, escrito en idioma alemán, al que ayer, yo tomé una foto... y miren la inmensa sorpresa que me llevé cuando bajé la fotografía a mi computadora.
Yo les juro que cuando tomé esta foto no había nadie allí!!!
Las brujas no existen... pero que las hay, las hay.  

Do you never heard about people taking a picture, and when they see the photo on the computer, it appears an UFO?
Well I want to tell you that, near my home, there is a wooden sign, very cute, written in German, which yesterday, I took a picture... and look at the huge surprise for me, when I got the picture to my computer.
I would swear that when I took this photo there was nobody there!!!
Witches do not exist ... but there are, there are...

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Stefanie Seltner dijo...

Oh, it´s Hedwig!
I love your header by the way!
x Stefanie

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

That must be a premonition. She is going be there in person any minute, watch out! :-D

Rod MacGregor dijo...

The strange thing is I came here for a closer look because I didn't see the German...I saw the English.." Die Here." es por eso he escrito en Ingles amigo...Lo siento!!! Que bruja muy guapa!

rossichka dijo...

Oh, if this is not a sign!:) Hedwig's coming... In a virtual or imaginary journey, but she's "knocking on the door"! I can hear her...
Or maybe you are thinking too much of her and that's why you've begun to see her everywhere!
"It's a kind of magic..."!:))
Great idea, Roberto!xx

By the way, you can find nowhere in Bulgaria such a sign, I'm sure!!!! Where does it lead to???

celine schroeder dijo...

hihi, very funny! love it and because it's Hedwig it's very very good hexe! you must be happy that she appears to you! ;-) and your avatar is very funny and good!

hedwig dijo...


hedwig dijo...

I'm still a bit confused finding myself on that pole in Cordoba! I was happily brooming along when a big storm caught me and sucked me up. Hours later the tornado spit me out. I felt dizzy and lost. Help! Perdita! Then I saw that HEXE sign. That means there are witch friendly people around, so I rested there for a while. A guy came by with a camera. I smiled and said Cheese! He looked nice and quite familiar, but I didn't recognise you, Roberto! I'm so sorry, must have been amnesia caused by that terrible tornado. After a while I tried my broom again. It still worked! Now, safely seated before my computer, I realise what has happened! It's all very witchical...

rossichka dijo...
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rossichka dijo...

She flew on her broom
like a shell in the gloom
and arrived pretty soon
at her place. Then the moon

big and round, orange, bright
lit the sky. Made the night
full of beauty, blue and clear.
And her fear disappeared.

Then the witch felt confused,
for her memory still refused
to remember the guy's name -
looked familiar all the same.

Claire Wildish dijo...

Hee hee hee!! It's Cheeky Hedwig!!!

hedwig dijo...

A drawing AND a poem, it's an overwhelming experience! It's strange to be the subject, in stead of the maker, but...thank you so much!!!I'm very honored. XXX,WW!!!

fantasy forest dijo...

Poetic photo :)