martes, 19 de marzo de 2013


¿Sabés que yo necesito usar anteojos?
yo no necesito anteojos para ver claramente
yo no necesito anteojos para ver lo bello
no  los necesito para ver la verdad o la mentira
o para ver a los sentimientos
la injusticia, la maldad, deshonestidad, envidia,
yo no necesito anteojos para ver malas intenciones,
mediocridad, soberbia, agresividad...desagradecimiento.

Y aunque yo  pierda mis anteojos,
aunque mis anteojos se rompan, o alguien los rompa,
o  quiera rayarlos,
ensuciarlos,  los esconda,  o  los robe...
yo no los necesito 
porque yo veo con mi corazón
y todo lo que me importa es que vos estás delante de él
Y  sabés qué?
a través tuyo yo veo el mundo.

Do you know that I need to use eyeglasses?
I do not need glasses to see clearly
I do not need glasses to see the beautiful
I do not need it to see the truth or falsehood
or to see the feelings
injustice, evil, dishonesty, envy,
I do not need glasses to see bad intentions,
mediocrity, arrogance, aggression ... ungratefulness.

And although I lost my glasses,
Although my glasses are broken, or someone breaks it,
or someone wants to scratching it,
soiling it, someone hide them, or steal from me
I do not need them
I see with my heart
and all I care about is that you're in front of it
And do you know what?
through you I see the world

 Quise mostrar el dibujo original, porque yo hice un cambio, en el primero ustedes ven un animal, y, en el dibujo terminado, ustedes ven otro, ocurre que después que yo hice mi dibujo, y antes de colorearlo, dí una mirada a IF y vi que ya había algunos dibujos con este animal, entonces decidí cambiar por otro, más simpático, no?

I wanted to show the original drawing, because I made a change, in the first you see an animal, and in the finished drawing, you see another, it happens that after I did my drawing, and before coloring it, I took one look in IF and I saw some drawings with this animal, then I decided to change for another, more sympathetic, no?

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Stefanie Seltner dijo...

is it more sympathetic?! I am not sure.
I like this guy, he really seems to fly into her arms, lovers!
And the glasses are so nice.
"Man sieht nur mit dem Herzen gut, alles andere bleibt für die Augen unsichtbar." (der kleine Prinz - le petit prince) sorry it´s german... I am sure you can understand by using your glasses...
x Stefanie

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

ok I see
no I don´t think. could be a dark blue, too.
but I love black. maybe bit of black in the middle, too?
that would be my way. to give the whole painting a cohesion. know what I mean?

nelleke dijo...

Hi Roberto, funny to see the man naked with glasses on :-))
and very nice what you say about needing no glasses to see with your heart, it's true!

sofam dijo...

pusiste eye gasses

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Es verdad Hombre que dijiste.!!! Si has dejado el animal...un serpiente no?, podria tener otra significa en este dibujo!!! Buen semana Hombre...eres artista real!!!!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

well, what about black sunglasses?
or glasses with black frame?
and: it is always a pleasure to read your words on my blog even if it´s 100 times!

hedwig dijo...

Yes yes, that's the old peoples problem :))) their eyes stop functioning. Luckily the years made them wise and they can sail with the heart as a compass. I like the sketch very very much. It has so much action and joy in it. Like embracing a long time no see friend. What kind of animal is the second one? A crab?

leanyvir dijo...

mm no se si el escorpion es mas simpatico que el me gustan ninguno de los dos animales, ahora la historia que escribiste sí me gustó ♥

Malena dijo...

Las bichas tienen mala prensa, pero no sé si será para tanto.

Hay gente que tiene el corazón miope y eso no tiene arreglo.

renilde dijo...

this one makes me so happy, like a festive feeling in the heart, they do fly, like nothing can harm them, the black brings in that feeling of intimacy.
the snake wasn't a bad choice either ;)
the glasses are great :) xx

Claire Wildish dijo...

I like your story so much Roberto!! My little five year old wears glasses and we are always looking for them or trying to repair them. Tomorrow when he wakes I am going to read him your story. I think he will understand exactly what you mean. I love your illustration too. It is full of freedom and love and inhibition!!!

pauline dijo...

Roberto, you are so refreshing and original! Your art is always so wise... i love coming here for a visit and cherish every comment you leave on my blog. Thank you. For your art, and for sharing so much. xox

Graciela dijo...

a mi tampoco me gustan ninguno de los dos bichos ajjjjjjjjj, pero como a Bata, sí me gusta mucho lo que escribiste jejej

Anne Manda dijo...

Beautiful drawing - happiness, immersion, surrender to love, to universe... not sure if scorpion is more sympathetic than snake. ;) Love your poem too, absolutely wonderful!

Sandra van Doorn dijo...

yes we could say a lot of people are blind even though they don't need glasses! love your words :)
xo sandra

Nancy dijo...

aww, they look so happy, flying into each other's arms! ... very strategic hair-coverage ... ;] although the scorpio(?) looks a little frightening! Love the header, though - makes me dizzy. :D

Anónimo dijo...

Me parece bien el cambio de animal. El escorpion es mas interesante. Aunque puede que este prejuiciada: es mi signo.
Un abrazo!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Hurray! I am so happy you found time to make this inspirational artwork! I know yo don't have Spring there now but this feels like Spring to me (my favorite season:-)))))

renilde dijo...

dear Roberto,my friend you can analyse and criticize my work any time, i appreciate your words and vision and you may notice things i didn't see myself (for example i wasn't aware of the 'graffiti', but i can see what you mean,yes i see it now :), funny)
in other words it's interesting to read your opinion, thanks and have a 'cool' wexekend, x

hedwig dijo...

Roberto the Bard
he can see with his heart.
From the southern hemisphere
he feels very near
wishing me goodnight
without my big brown
dog and the small white.
I wish you a crown
and a good appetite!

camino roque dijo...

para ver de cerca me tengo que quitar los anteojos