viernes, 15 de febrero de 2013


El tema de el Drawing Challenge de esta semana fue propuesto por Renilde. la palabra elegida es Faro. Les muestro mi idea.
Vean y disfruten lo qué los otros participantes hacen, en el blog de Renilde.
The subject of the Drawing Challenge this week was proposed by Renilde. the word chosen is Lighthouse. I show my idea.
See and enjoy what other participants do, on Renilde's Blog.

En la profunda oscuridad del océano
mi bote de pape  va navegando a la deriva
¡Apagá la luz de tu faro por favor!
Yo prefiero ahogarme en las tinieblas,
perder mi ruta,
ser tragado por la inmensidad...
Vos sabés que hay otros botes por ahí…
... y no es que yo sea celoso,
pero mi bote, y los destellos de tu faro
no quieren compartir con otro este océano.

In the deep darkness of the ocean
my paper boat goes adrift
Turn off the light of your lighthouse, please!
I'd rather drown in darkness,
losing my route,
being swallowed by the immensity...
You know that there are other boats out there ...
... and, not that I'm jealous,
but my boat,  and your lighthouse flashes
do not want to share with another this ocean.

20 comentarios:

rossichka dijo...

Why are so desperate your words? Why is so sad this drawing? The lighthouse does not have the right to stop lighting in the dark. There're always souls that need to be rescued...

I like very, very much your illustration, Roberto!! It reminded me of Tove Jansson's "Moomin Pappa and the sea" (one of my favourites). I checked out in Interenet and found that the books about the Moomins are translated in Spanish... -

You'll enjoy reading them, I'm sure!!!:)

fados do lar dijo...

esta illustración está muy bonita! :)

renilde dijo...

Roberto,i look at your piece of work and and i'm taken to your wonderful world of imagination,
the blue wideness, wow! no lighthouse in sight but there are its flashes and than the paper boat, it all fits in so very fine, you are a master of transforming real feelings into something so pleasing to the eye and soul, thanks for taking part my friend, xx

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

This one has strong atmosphere. And lighthouse is clearly there even though you cannot see it.

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Oh, and happy valentines, bit late too, sorryyy.... XXX :-)

celine schroeder dijo...

Love it, as always;-) The sadness is your words wich are so romantic at the same time. The boat who wants the lights for itself....and I love the different shades of the blue! Have a nice weekend my blog friend!

k.h.whitaker dijo...

ooooh, love the blue, love the newsprint boat, nice... :D

hedwig dijo...

is out in a boat
on the big blue sea
with a bit of jealousy
in his poetry
but the lighthouse-light
is for all to see
is for all to ssave
so let the bard be brave
and everything will be allright!

Norma Conway dijo...

I am struck by the beauty and calmness of this. I can see how the light would feel like an imposition. Perhaps it is best to travel by moonlight and starlight and the currents of the water. Without light (ego) one would have to succumb to faith (soul.) *smiles* Norma, x

objects of whimsy dijo...

ah the light house flashes and you in the boat tipping in the ocean. Wonderful interpretation of the theme.
I really like this we have all felt that tipping in the light of others.

Great job

Helen :)

camino roque dijo...

interesante ver las diferencias de un mismo tema

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Dear Roberto,
wonderful, intense drawing! I like it very much that you show the light (like searchlight) but not the source.
And, I am happy about Norma's words with the ego and soul... that nailed in my opinion most your sad, romantic words and drawing.

x Ariane.

hedwig dijo...

Dear bard, I know it's not really you in that boat. I do the same thing. I can put on an emotion or a situation as if it is my own. Artists are so emphatic and full of fantasy! I know how it works for me, but keep forgetting it with other people. I allways want to read behind the lines, even if I know it doesn't make sense. So, jealous :)) sailor, bon voyage!

susan christensen dijo...

beautiful blue to fit the blue mood of the words you have penned, roberto. i like it very much. -sus

Miss Herzfrisch dijo...

Dear Roberto,
what a wonderful drawing. I love the power of blue sea - perfect to meet the red of a lighthouse. Perhaps it is a smuggler boat?

♥ w o o l f ♥ dijo...

lost? at sea?
no lights in sight?
wait a minute!
that lifeboat is illuminating!

PILAR dijo...

Muestras la otra cara de la moneda. Como siempre creativo y diferente...

Claire Wildish dijo...

I think this is a very beautiful and mournful love song.I can here the night time and the deep dark ocean. It is a very powerful illustrated story. This one I will remember in my mind and keep thinking about it for a long time!!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

to me this is beautiful and very romantic,
little man in a boat outside in the big nature
by reading your words -
they are touching me a lot, it is beautiful!!! one of my favorites ever!
x Stefanie

tanïa dijo...

Don't get drowned! Even if the blue of the sea is so beautiful that I'd love to bathe in it, too. Also love the light of the lighthouse moving over the water. It's strange, the story your painting is telling is full of loneliness, but I don't feel any fear when looking at's the colours, I think...