martes, 5 de febrero de 2013


Hiciste un descubrimiento?
vos ya sabés lo que la canción de Charly dice:
"El amor, para el  que busca una respuesta,
es un poquito más que hacerte bien..."
pero vos hiciste un descubrimiento,
cuando ya todo está descubierto,
cuando todo está pisoteado;
una mañana te descubriste a vos misma...
No permitas que te encuentre.

Did you do a discovery?
you already know what Charly’s song says:
"Love, for those looking for an answer,
It's a bit more than making well to you…"
but you made a discovery,
when all is discovered,
when all is trampled;
torn apart,
one morning you discovered to yourself...
Do not let me find you.

Por favor vean a todos los otros jugadores aquí:  Emily :) 
Please look at all the other players here:  Emily :)

17 comentarios:

Madeleine Montag dijo...

how I like that poem!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

The illustration is very beautiful and decorative with some Japanese feel. Strong poem!

Trail Pixie Trespas dijo...

Roberto, you possess a finess with color and composition. I love how her hand reaches to the white face. thank you for discovering!I agree the painting has a Jian MIniature painting feel.
thank you for participating... ;0) emily

Anne Manda dijo...

Wonderful illustration, sensitive and relevant, great composition!

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

I like the geometric background!
x Stefanie

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Este trabajo me recuerda a Egipto!!
Buen semana Himbre!!!

Claire Wildish dijo...

Such sadness and deep reflection in the poem and your painting. You tell the story well..from the heart!

hedwig dijo...

This is like the perfect picture. So neat and so serene, the colors, the composition, everything so balanced. Very clever, the way you mix back- and foreground. And what I really like is the wild shadow of a bird. Do you know that very often your characters are sitting in the water? What does that mean?

Ana M.F. dijo...

Lo ven medio japonés, egipcio...yo le encuentro un toque art deco y esa mujer es una flapper definitivamente :)
Me gusta que el pez esté volando y el pájaro nadando como lo más natural del mundo.

illustration poetry dijo...

hola heheh :D it's me, you know the Indonesian girl

hedwig dijo...

I think it's just relaxing to have your feet in the water. Water is cleaning and refreshing and transparent. Keep in contact with the water. And I love to be 56. I feel more confident then ever before!

tanïa dijo...

Lovely lovely lovely painting! One of my favourites of yours until now, to be honest. Beautiful colours and details, and the gesture catched me right at the first glance. Had to look at the painting first, then read the words, that underlined the mood of the picture. I like the movement of the water and how you put the bird into the sea and fish in the (orange) sky.

celine schroeder dijo...

Hi Roberto, I love the words and of course you made a wonderful drawing to it!!! I hope the girl discoveres herself and does not have to shut up...maybe it's a mirror??? love it!

highjumper dijo...

Really, really lovely!!

renilde dijo...

:) the orange and the red so lively, the effect of a discovery and i always love your flowers Roberto, fine work again, x

Nancy dijo...

There's definitely a Japanese feel to this work! ALthough I don't think I understand it completely, it sends out great strength. Beautiful.

fantasy forest dijo...

I love this painting. It's beautiful!