viernes, 25 de enero de 2013


No diré que en un collar de abalorios vos sos la perla.
es obvio que yo diga eso
no diré que sos el agua que calma mi sed,
es obvio (y chabacano)
tampoco diré que sos el sol de mis mañanas (más chabacano aún)
la brisa en mi cara,
mi cielo estrellado,
mi tranquilidad,
mi alegría,
mi savia, 
mi calorcito en invierno,
mi sabor dulce,
mi sabor picante,
mi música,
mi silencio...

Bah, pavadas!
No, vos sos vos,
y por eso yo te amo

I will not say that in a bead necklace you are the pearl.
is obvious that I say that
I will not say that you are the water that calm my thirst,
it is obvious (and tacky)
I will not say that you are the sunshine of my morning (more tacky yet)
the breeze on my face,
my starry sky,
my peace,
my joy,
my sap,
my warmth in winter,
my sweet,
my spicy taste
my music
my silence ...

Bah, nonsense!
No, you are you,
and that's why I love you,

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13 comentarios:

hedwig dijo...

Roberto, she is lovely. No necklace can do her right but your words do. I think your are a great poet. Perhaps it is the southern heart, but you are really great in celebrating women.

Anne Manda dijo...

She is lovely, soft and glittering and dreamy and your poem is wonderful. It is what everyone needs to hear and what everybody needs to say to somebody. :)

Norma Conway dijo...

Roberto you are a brilliant pearl in this world...and such an original artist. Your poem made me laugh, and smile and appreciate your sense of life. Love this post. Hugs, Norma, x

Graciela dijo...


objects of whimsy dijo...

beautiful sweeping hair. A really nice image and lovely pencil work I love it.

Helen :)

susan christensen dijo...

I love the snap of the necklace and the beads flying from that and from her hair. The colors make me smile! -sus

rossichka dijo...

Your heart is full of so much love, that you can express it in different ways over and over again! But this means also, that you receive a lot of love, too!:)
I like the tender palette and the beads, "caught" while falling down. And what remains is HER! The pearl...

tanïa dijo...

Truely spoken, truely need of too many words, no need of dispensable is the end in itself. Let's put the focus on the basics and omit the unnecessary...
Love how the pearls fly along her colour-matching hair...

Best wishes

Anónimo dijo...

Sassy...lovely. Such a lucky woman to be loved by a soul-full, artistic poet, Roberto!

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

Excellent, couldn't agree more with this poem! You are a no-nonsense- romantic!

Kristen Donegan dijo...

wonderful dreamy (yet real) words once again! and the illustration to match!

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

True words, dear Roberto!
I like the colours of beads shines on her hair... and her eyeshadow.

And my model of Vermeer like painting is the nanny of my children.

renilde dijo...

every word a shiny bead, your drawing makes me feel peaceful, her eyes, her smile, x