martes, 15 de enero de 2013


Vos no necesitás una corona de oro
yo puedo hacerte  una corona de agua
dibujada con mi dedo sobre tu frente
(a la que el sol secará en un instante)
o una hecha de hojas secas de otoño
(a la que el viento se lleve de un solo soplido)
o una corona de caminito de hormigas
(que deje a los rosales sin hojas)...
Vos no necesitás una corona
todas las coronas te necesitan a vos para ser llamadas coronas,
y vos sos mi corona.

You do not need a gold crown
I can do for you a crown of water
drawn with my finger on your forehead
(to which the sun will dry in an instant)
or one made of dried autumn leaves
(to which, the wind, take in one breath)
or a crown of small ant trail
(that leave the roses without leaves)...
You do not need a crown
all crowns needs  to you to be named crowns,
and you are my crown.

Gracias Stefanie, por tu invitación al Drawing Challenge. No se pierdan de ver a todos los participantes de esta semana!.
Thanks Stefanie, for your invitation to Drawing Challenge. Do not miss to see all the participants of this week!.

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celine schroeder dijo...

I just love it! the drawing with those beautiful words, so much love in it. Thank you for that, I could use that today! wish you a good week dear roberto.

renilde dijo...

like it no i love it,'a crown of water...' what a beautiful image, very moving, you painted on canvas this time no?, the crossing bodies, the blue shimmering through, that waterdrop so very attractive, xx

your header sings a summer song, it's snowing here

Anne Manda dijo...

Lovely drawing and very beautiful poem, just amazing!

Rod MacGregor dijo...

Eres surrealista maravilloso Hombre!!!! Que corona de agua mas chulo!! Buen semana a vosotros!!

sofam dijo...

Si surrealismo total,mientras ella lo seduce el parece estar entretenido atajando en un partido de foot ball

Sophie dijo...

Absolutely beautiful and thought-provoking as always Roberto! Your work is a joy to look at. And thanks again for your comment :)

Soph x

Sasa Saastamoinen dijo...

This time I'm especially drawn to the poem though it is quite complicated... Congratulations Roberto, I think you made my brain cells to expand and renew!

Ana M.F. dijo...

Me ha gustado como el poema se complementa con el dibujo, le agrega imágenes, crea una historia para los personajes, los lleva a otro nivel. Lindo trabajo, Roberto.
La verdad no tengo ni la menor idea si hay algo mal con blogger pero creo que tampoco me salen todas las actualizaciones así que mejor voy visitandolos a todos uno por uno.

k.h.whitaker dijo...

lovely work Roberto

Ted Blackman dijo...

Well, that's okay for her, a crown of ant trails, but I would want the solid gold crown.

Pitu dijo...

ayer estuve curioseando por aquí...voy a pasar a felicitaros a todos y después me pongo al día: ¡¡¡¡¡FELIZ 20103!!!! ¡¡¡¡LLENO DE EXITOS Y COSAS BUENIIIIIIIMAS!!!!!

Un abrazo, Pitu.

Marcela Calderón dijo...

¡Felicitaciones! Un hermoso Marín sin firma pero sin dudas... Me encantó :)

Stefanie Seltner dijo...

so beautiful - I love your imagination and I love your poetry, I really admire, I mean: a crown of water never heard of it or saw one - so fantastic!
thank you so much for joining the d.c.
x Stefanie

PILAR dijo...

Hay reinas que no necesitan coronas, brillan por si solas como las estrellas, me encantan tus opciones de coronas...

mano dijo...

a water-sea-wave-crown - a wonderful idea and a beautiful painting! :)) mano

tanïa dijo...

Wonderful poem and painting! And in fact, it's the combination of both that deepens each. And let me tell you: I've never seen any blue coloured hair that I found attractive, but the colour of your water-crowned-lady's hair is exactly the only blue that is beautiful!

Tabea Heinicker dijo...

das ist das schöne an blidern, die sprache wird zur nebensache ;) und da habe ich gestern den übersetzer aus meinem blog entfernt, ich trottel. dein fesches mädchen mit dem blauen wallenden haaren gefällt mir!

liebe grüße . tabea

Kim Henkel dijo...

Yes a beautiful crown inspired creation - painting and words. Lovely.

Kristen Donegan dijo...

Wow! wonderful poem! and painting to go with it...I am now going to have to peek at the rest of your blog :) so nice to visit and find you-

objects of whimsy dijo...

where does one start on why I love this artwork so much.
The colours the characters the composition and of course the meaning. The hair as the crowning glory. Im wondering at the bald man......


Helen :)

Patrice A. dijo...

I like the drawing
but fell for your words
the crown of water
so, so beautiful!


Patrice A.

Trail Pixie Trespas dijo...
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Trail Pixie Trespas dijo...

Painting with words, your poem captures me. THE Tiny droplet from the finger a tear? love the couple reaching.
thanks for your site; it is beautiful and diverse and I await more with anticipation.

Ariane Reichardt dijo...

Oh, Roberto, wow!
Wonderful painting... but your words... right into my heart!

x Ariane.

susan christensen dijo...

Roberto, your poem is very moving, and what a beautiful illustration. So glad to meet you, sus.

highjumper dijo...

Beautiful artworks - the poem especially!

hedwig dijo...

The poem has it all: it's very romantic, a love poem, it's fairy tale like, the crown of water drops, it's sad, the autumn leaves, it's funny, the ants.
The illustration gives me this impression: he is trying to catch a crown for this lady. Allthough he says she needs no crown, he is chasing the sun for her. She doesn't need a crown, she wonders at the things he brings her, the water and the leaves. She wants him near her.